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Wrong View on Taqleed

22nd October 2010

For the Urdu speakers

Youtube Video

For the non Urdu Speakers, (Please note, my Urdu is NOT my mother tongue or my second language so I can not fully translate the interview word to word)Dr Zakir Naik is saying that Taqleed is to follow with the eyes shut, this is a basic definition, for example, if you have trust in someone like a doctor, you go to the Doctor for medication & you take the medication with no questions asked, this is to accept with your eyes shut, He says the word Taqleed comes from a word used for the ropes that are tied around the necks of animal. He then says that if you investigate that the person you are taking from trust him fully, then its not a problem. But if you find some strong evidence that goes contrary to the findings of the one being followed in light of the Quran & Hadith, and you STILL follow that person then, THIS is called Taqleed. (upto 58sec).

Then he says that if you go to a Mufti and he passes a Fatwa and you accept it because he is more knowledgable than the rest of the ordinary people, fine, but if someone comes to you and says that the fatwa is wrong and here is the evidence from Quran & Hadith, and you still accept the wrong fatwa, after all the evidences has been given and you still follow this way, then THIS is called Taqleed. And in My (Dr Zakir Naik) opinion this is wrong. (Upto 1min 35sec) Yes I agree with you upto here

The interviewer is asking him that all the people who are Muqallids (make Taqleed of 1 Imam) are they preserving the Deen in a positive manner or are they causing harm to the Deen. Dr Zakir Naik says that it has caused Harm to the Deen. Then he quotes the famous saying from all the Imams that "If you find any fatwa of mine that goes against the Quran and Hadith, then let go of my fatwa"Yes, they made this statements as they were Muhaddith, Mujtahids and the greatest Faqihs that ever lived. This statement was for the other Mujtahid Imams of which there has not been one for a very very long time. Please click here to see the greatness of an ImamDr Zakir Naik is suggeting that when the Imams came, the collections of Hadith had not been done, this was done way after that and they knew that they didnt have all the Hadith or information needed to pass the most accurate judgement. Even though they were closer to the era of the Prophet (SAW) and that thay saw the Sahaba (Only Imam Abu Hanifa saw some) and the Tabi'een, They were from the Kharul Quroon, The best of generations. They did not intend to create a FIRQA AKA Sect.(upto 2mins 44sec)WRONG again, (I have heard Dr Zakir speak many many times even live, He is my favourite speaker on comparative religion, and he always says that he use to stammer and Alhumdillilah I have never heard him stammer before until today. Then he goes onto say that in my practice, for example Imam Abu Hanifa says that in Salah after Surah Fatiha has been recited, one must say Aameen slowly, where as when I read Sahih Bukhari, it says in many places "Say Aameen loudly" "Aameen bil Jahr", therfore I say Aameen loudly. Thats why I say I am 100% Hanafi because Imam Abu Hanifa says that if you find stronger evidence then that is my way, therefore, those who claim to be Hanafi are only 80% Hanafi. LIE, LIE, LIE, Mufti Abdur Raheem Limbada in his talk The Reality of the Salaf Part2, it can be heard here, Brilliant talks, Press the Stand by button to switch it on, he says that This is a LIE against Imam Bukhari, (although it will be found in other books), The word "LOUDLY" "JAHR" is not used, Look it up in the Arabic version. Infact, I think he even said jokingly that if you can find me this Hadith in Sahih Bukhari I will give you £1000. He said that the wording is the same as is for the Hadith regarding rising from Ruku where the Muqtadi (follower) says Rabana lakal Hamd, so if the wording is the same, then why dont you say Rabana lakal Hamd loudly. He then goes on and on. Then he quotes the Famous verse of the Quran, “O you who believe! Follow Allah; follow the Messenger and those of authority (Amr) amongst you. And if you dispute, then refer to Allah and the Messenger if you really do believe in Allah and in the last day. (Surah al-Nisaa Verse 59)(This time fully for a change) fine, lets not dispute, I am a normal man, but there is a conflict in the view of Aameen, So one should investigate the matter and follow the most correct opinion, we are not following anything new here, he says all four schools accept that after the Quran, Sahih Bukhari is the most authentic book of Hadith. Imam Bukhari came 200 years after the Prophet (SAW) So If Sahih Bukhari is the most authentic book after the Quran, then If there are countless Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that tells us to say Aameen loud (NOT TRUE) then why dont we follow that.

Dr. You need to see a Scholar and study Fiqh. I am not capable of doing this, neither is the majority of the Muslim World, So if the Mujtahid Imams who were followed by the Greatest Muhaddith that ever lived and who were the actual teachers of Imam Bukhari and the like then who are we to find the strongest opinions. Imam Bukharis teacher Yahya ibn Maeen was also a Hanafi, and Imam Bukhari said that if there was any one in knowledge that he feared, it was Yahya ibn Maeen.

I hope that answers your question

This is Not an attack on or to ridicule Dr. Zakir Naik. This is only to emphasis that he is a great speaker on comparative religion ONLY. He is not a Scholar of Islam and he says that himself. Being famous and a Muslim on TV, he influences many Muslims and unfortunately he sometimes misleads people with is incorrect opinions with regards to fiqh.

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posted by abu mohammed on 22nd October 2010 - 2 comments


mo wrote on 1 Nov 2010
brother if allah said he has chosen islam and it is complete then why do the imams differ and why is their confusion and why did the imams say if my fatwa goes against quran and sunnah let go of the fathwa sounds like they were not 100% sure brother im confused thats why im asking i love allah and his prophet. and is it possible they can make a mistake
Blogger's Reply:
Salaam, Please dont play with words. There is no confusion in the Deen, There are differences of opinions. All four schools cover every Sunnah according to the evidences provided.

Check this: All your questions have been answerd;

Do you realy think that the Imams were talking to "us" when they passed this comment. NO, they were talking to the rest of the Mujtahid Imams who were part of the Shura when a decision was being made and it is for the future Mujtahids to come. Can you name even one Mujtahid Imam in the last 500 years.

The Imams, like us, are humans, we all make errors, Only Allah is free from errors. Can you find one Mas'ala that is contradicting the Quran or Sunnah. Allah choose them to lead us, just like he choose The Imams of Hadith. The whole Ummah accepts them all, But those who want to create FITNA, start asking questions to put peoples Imam in doubt, this is the work of Shaytan.


For you only I have now posted a new article. I hope that answers your question.
Mohtashim wrote on 21 May 2012
Please reply to my query below...


Why is the remaining verse of the Holy Quraan forgotten?

O you who believe! Follow Allah; follow the Messenger and those of authority (Amr) amongst you. (Surah al-Nisaa Verse 59)

Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) says that in this verse, Amr refers to the jurists. This explanation is narrated from Muaawiyah ibn Salah from Ali ibn Talhah which is a sound chain, Al-Itqaan)

The verse continues, And if you dispute, then refer to Allah and the Messenger if you really do believe in Allah and in the last day. (Surah al-Nisaa Verse 59)

Allahs statement subsequently if you dispute proves that those of Amr are indeed jurists because He has ordered everyone else to follow them and then proceed to say that if you dispute.. Hence Allah has ordered those of Amr to refer the disputed issue to the Book of Allah the traditions of the Prophet. The lay person would be unaware of how to refer the disputed issue to the Book of Allah and to the Sunnah and how their proofs would apply to the situations and events. Thus, it is established that the second command, is for the scholars. (Ahkaamul Quraan, vol 2, pg 257)


I have read the tafseer of ibn Katheer r.e.h and he says that in matters of dispute the disputing parties [you] must refer to the Quran and Sunnah and not the jurist.

Has he erred here. Or did I not understand his tafseer ?

Please let me know if you need a reference to his tafseer i have in english.
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallahu khair, sorry for the delay in approving your comment.

I have been tied up and not able to respond as I would like to have done.

Just for my information, could you tell me who the publication is done by in your tafseer of ibn Katheer.

As far I can see, there is no dispute amongst the four schools of Fiqh. They agree to disagree in certain areas and they have their validity for it. The only ones disputing are those who reject following a school of thought.

According to your statement, which I may have misunderstood, claims that the Quran does not ask us to refer to jurists, only Quran and Sunnah. The jurists come to their conclusions mostly based on Quran and Sunnah anyway.

The qurans orders are to ask the jurists and if we dispute then..... But where is the dispute?
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