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Following Desires to Shirk

11th October 2010
I often tell certain brothers to stop following what they like, as they seem to be picking and choosing from different schools, usually to suit their own preference, to please others who believe they are on the right path, or because they are told that they should find the strongest opinion and follow that. Please take a look ate the other blogs to see who has the strogest opinion.

Also see Seifeddines Blog on following 1 imam and sticking to it.

Many times I have told them that following your own desires would lead to shirk and at the time the only evidence I was able to provide them with was the Ayah from the Quran regarding Athiests. Allah tells us that people say that the Athiest has no God, But infact Allah tells us that their God is their desires. Therefore idicating to us that the Lord of the Athiest is their desires "Hawa", Evil and corrupted Desires.

Alhumdulillah I have come across another 10 verses from the Quran to back me up.

How Following Your Desires will lead you to Shirk.
"DO YOU SEE THE MAN WHO MAKES HIS DESIRE HIS GOD" To make a God other than Allah is Shirk. Need I say more.

Quran Ayats on Following The Nafs

1) "But he clung to the earthly life and succumbed to fancies. He was like the dog which pant whether you chase it awys or let it alone" (Surah 7/Al A'raf, Verse 176)

2) "Do you see the man who makes his desire his God, the man whom Allah leaves in error, setting a seal upon his ears and heart and drawing a veil over his eyes? Who then can guide him after Allah (has withdrawn guidance)? Will you not take heed? (Surah 45/Al-Jathiya, Verse 23) 

3) "Can he who follows the guidance of his Rabb be compared to him whose erroneous actions are made to seem fair to him, and to those who follows their desires?" (Surah 47/Muhammad, Verse 14)

4) "Nor obey him whose heart We have made heedless of Our Remembrance; who follows his desires and whose case exceeds due bounds" (Surah 18/Al-Kahf, Verse 28)

5) "And if after all the knowledge you have been given, you yeild to their desires, there shall be none to help or protect you from the wrath of Allah" (Surah 2/Baqarah, Verse 120)

6) "And do you not yeild to their fancies from the truth that has been made known to you" (Surah 5/Al-Maidah, Verse 48)

7) "And do not be led by their desires" (Surah 5/Al-Maidah, Verse 49)

8) "And do not yeild to the desires of ignorant men, for they in no way can protect you from the wrath of Allah" (Surah 45/Al-Jathiya, Verse 18)

9) "Rule with justice among men and do not yeild to lust, lest it should turn you away froms Allah's path" (Surah 38/Saad, Verse 26)

10) "And who is in greater error than the man who is lead by his desires without guidance from Allah? Allah does not guide the evil-doers" (Surah 28/Al Qasas, Verse 50)

May Allah protect us from following our desires and jumping around from one school of thought to another without being a Mujtahid, Faqih or Muhaddith.
posted by abu mohammed on 11th October 2010 - 1 comment


Anonymous wrote on 23 Mar 2011
As-salaamu aleykum

JazakAllahu khair wa jannat-ul firdaws, thank you so much for this great reminder.

May Allah bless you and the entire ummah with the beauties of imaan and keep us steadfast on this deen, ameen
Blogger's Reply:
Aameen. Jazakallah.
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