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ISIS Destroys Iraqi Shrines

14th July 2014

In pictures: Isis destroys Iraq shrines

Images and comments from The BBC 

 Al-Qubba Husseiniya, a Shia shrine, being blown up in the city of Mosul.

Images posted on social media appear to show the destruction of about a dozen places of worship across northern Iraq, in areas recently taken over by extremist militants.

 Al-Qubba Husseiniya, a Shia shrine, being blown up in the city of Mosul.

Some images showed the al-Qubba Husseiniya, a Shia shrine, being blown up in the city of Mosul.

Tomb of the girl in Mosul

Militants used a bulldozer to destroy a shrine known as the "Girl's Tomb" in Mosul.

Tomb of the girl in Mosul

They believe giving special veneration to graves and relics is against the teachings of Islam.

 Saad bin Aqeel Husseiniya shrine in Tal Afar

Militants also destroyed the Saad bin Aqeel Husseiniya shrine in Tal Afar, approximately 50 km (35 miles) west of Mosul.

 Saad bin Aqeel Husseiniya shrine in Tal Afar

The militants, believed to belong to Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), are also reported to have attacked churches in Mosul.

Ahmed al-Rifai shrine and tomb in the Mahlabiya district near Tal Afar

More images showed the Ahmed al-Rifai shrine and tomb in the Mahlabiya district near Tal Afar being attacked with a bulldozer.

Ahmed al-Rifai shrine and tomb in the Mahlabiya district near Tal Afar

The militants have attacked Shia and Sunni shrines alike, and have vowed to continue destroying places of worship which they do not approve of.



The reason why I've posted this is because I know the family of the above Tomb (Ahmed ar-Rifai). The family I know are from Barodha, India. and their lineage goes back to Ahmed Rifai, which goes back to the Prophet (saw). The family that I know are of the Shafi School and for the Barelwi Aqeedah, Wallahu Alum.

Very nice humble family MashaAllah.

Here is the family tree from an online source via Google.

Hadrat Sayyid Ahmad ar- Rifâi
Hadrat Shaykh Sayyid Ahmad ar- Rifâi (1119-1182) was born on a Thursday in the first half of the lunar month of Rejab in Hasen, in the Vasit province of Iraq. When he was seven years old, his father Sayyid Sultan Ali passed away in Baghdad. From then on his maternal uncle Sayyid Mansur ar-Rabbani el-Betaihi took him into his care and educated him.
The maternal part of Hadrat Sayyid Ahmad ar- Rifâi 's family goes back to Hadrat Huseyin, the son of  Hadrat Ali(qaw). On the paternal side his lineage goes back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) as follows:
Hadrat Ali(qaw), the master of the community, husband of Hadrat Fatima and the founder of Imams, a relative of the prophet;
Hadrat Huseyin, Imam of Muslims, the chief of the Mumins (believers in Islam) who were tried and afflicted with various troubles and calamities, the martyr of Kerbela;
Imam Ali Zayna'l-Abidin (K.S.)                                          
Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (K.S.)
Imam Jafer as-Sadiq (K.S.)
Imam Musa al-Kazim (K.S.)
Imam Ibrahim al-Murteza (K.S.)
Sayyid Musa Sani (K.S.)
Sayyid Ahmad Salih Akbar (K.S.)
Sayyid Abu Abdullah Husayn (K.S.)
Sayyid Hasan Qasım Abû Mûsâ (K.S.)
Sayyid Muhammad Abu'l-Qasim (K.S.)
Sayyid Al-Mahdi Makki (K.S.)
Sayyid Abu'l Mekarim al-Hasan (K.S.)
Sayyid Abu'l Fadâil (K.S.)
Sayyid Abu Ali Murtaza (K.S.)
Sayyid Ali Hazim Abu 'l Fewaris (K.S.)
Sayyid Sabit (K.S.)
Sayyid Yahya Nakib (K.S.)
Sayyid Ebul-Hasen Aliyy-ar-Rifai (K.S.)
Sayyid Hadrat Ahmad ar-Rifai (K.S.)
I don't know what the K.S. stands for, sorry!
posted by abu mohammed on 14th July 2014 - 9 comments


HSATB wrote on 14 Jul 2014
I guess K.S stands for "kuddis Allahu sirrah"
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallah, may you please translate it.
HSATB wrote on 14 Jul 2014
It means may Allah bless his secret.
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallahu Khair. Not sure If I like such wording.

Secret? I know the History behind al-Refai and there are two conclusions.

According to Mufti Abdur Raheem Lajpuri, he mentions the incident (in Fatawa Rahimiyyah) of the hand of the Prophet (saw) appearing from the Roza Mubarak and shaking the hand of al-Refai. and many people witnessed it. On the other hand, the Salafi Ulama say that this was the work of Shaytan etc etc.

What ever the case is. The family I know are related directly to him and hold some kind of secret too and I don't see it as Islamic what so ever
anon wrote on 14 Jul 2014
This was very refreshing to see, jazak'Allah.
Anonymous wrote on 15 Jul 2014
The word sirr refers to the inner/secretive portion of one's spiritual-self. It is mentioned in the Qur'an "ya'lamus sirr" - He knows the Sirr. I.e. Allah has full knowledge of our Sirr. Also in Qur'an "yawma tublas saraa'ir" - the day in which the Sirr will be tested (i.e. day of Hisab when our Sirr will be interrogated).

Quddisa Sirruhu is often written after the name of those who enjoyed a very pure life in servitude of Allah, which means "may his secret be sanctified". Allah is infinite. Every friend of Allah enjoys a special, unique, individual connection with Him. Therefore, the inner secrets will vary - all this really refers to is their "realisation" or "ma'rifah" of Allah ta'ala.

Finally, it is an incorrect to post videos of those who have deviated from the original teachings of the Muhaqqiq-Sufis, and then use that to cast doubt. In this sense, even the Hadith Shareef can be put into question, na'udhubillah. Rather, we should raise our level of discussion and comprehension, and try to understand the historical contours in development of any field of Deen.
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallah, I understand. It's the other type of secret. The one which if we hide of others, Allah will hide ours.

Jazakallah for the details.
anon wrote on 27 Jul 2014
Since you mentioned about Ar-rifa'i, what do you say about Iraq's Grand Mufti who is Mufti Rafi Al-Rifa’i denying ISIS targeting shrines in Mosul?
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallah, that's informative.

I have no opinion on Mufti Ar-Rifai nor the Isis. As a layperson, I can only go by what the Ulama have said and these instances, the comments for Isis are not in favour of them. With regards to the Mufti, Allahu alum.

The rifai we know are Indians.

May Allah guide us all to the straight path.
Karim Rifai wrote on 31 Aug 2014
Hi. I was surfing the web and encounter a link talking about the destruction of this tomb. My last name is Rifai and my fathers family comes from Syria. I leave far away since my fathers family migrated to Lima, Peru in South America. I have encountered some other arabs that have told me that my last name is old, but I really dont know much about my blood lineage. Please if anyone can help I would appreciate a lot.
Rema wrote on 13 Nov 2014
@ Karim Rifai.
My mother's last name is Rifai and she told me that all Rifai'so are related and that they are related to Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. The story about the shrine is in regards to your greal great etc Grand father.
My mother is originally from Lebanon but we reside in Sydney Australia.
Shariq wrote on 15 Nov 2014
What is wrong with the above. Imam Bara, Hussainiya or any other place of shia worship where shirk and magic is done and Sahaba (Radhiallahu anhu) are cursed should be destroyed.

May Allah Azzawajal reward ISIS brothers for this.
Kazim Ali wrote on 1 Jul 2016
Wrong information, none ISIS had no dare to destroy them all.
ISIS are just puppets of Israel, and fear of death.
ISIS Insha Allah destroy by Hezbullah soon. Ameen.
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