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Kitab al Athar - Chapter on TAYAMMUM

19th February 2012

Kitab al Athar of Imam Abu Hanifa - Chapter on TAYAMMUM

Lexically, Tayammum means "purpose and intention" and in Shari'ah it means to purpose going to pure earth to wipe the face and hands with the intention of becoming in a state in which it is permissable to do the prayer.

31. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us saying, Hammaad narrated to us that Ibrahim said concerning tayammum, 'You place your palms on clean soil then wipe your face, and then you place them a second time and shake them to remove the dust and wipe your hands and your forearms upto the elbows.'"

Muhammad said,"We adhere to that, and we think also that one should shake the hands to remove dust each time, before wiping the face and the forearms. That is the verdict of Abu Hanifa."

32. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us from Hammaad that Ibrahim said, 'Whenever a man does tayammum he remains in the condiotion of tayammum as long as he does not find water or do something that voids his tayammum.'"

Muhammad said, "We adhere to this and it is the verdict of Abu Hanifa."

33. Muhammad said, "Abu Hanifa informed us, Hammaad narrated to us that Ibrahim said, 'It is preferable to us that when one does tayammum one does it upto the elbows.""

Muhammad said, "We adhere to that; tayammum is not valid until one does it upto the elbows, and that is the verdict of Abu Hanifa (ra)."

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