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Favour for you

14th March 2011
It is mentioned in a Hadith that "You should make Allah beloved in the eyes of the people and Allah Ta'ala will make you His beloved." (Kanzul Ummaal)

That is, address the people, and by reminding them of the favours and bounties of Allah, make them turn towards Allah. Educate them in such a way that they begin to yearn for Allah Ta'ala. The result of this will be that Allah Ta'ala will begin to love you.

That is, he will shower you with the highest form of mercy. It is obvious that this work can only be carried out by an aalim who practices on his knowledge and no one else.

What great glad-tidings are in this for the ulama and sufis!
What bounty can be greater in this world and in the hereafter than becoming the beloved of the Real Master?

(O Allah! make us your best servants as well - Aameen).
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