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Version 2 Plans

20th September 2008
Version 2 Main Features

50mb Webspace
All bloggers will get 50mb webspace to upload images, audio, videos, pdf documents and other material* for use with their blog.

*All uploaded files are subject to approval. Files can be removed by the blog moderators.

Background Image
If you look at the main layout of the blogs section on this site, you see a patterned tile. In version 2, you will be able to specify any background image, tile or animated gifs for use on your blog space.

Other bloggers as well as visitors will be able to subscribe to updates on your blog. Each time a new article is added, they will be notified.

Add Links
Bloggers can add links to other sites and material which will be displayed on the right of their blog in line with the tags.

New Formatting
It will be easy to add flash media, mp3 audio and youtube videos simply by using new formatting codes in the following manner:

[code]any html or bbcode you wish to display[/code ]
[mp3]url to mp3 file goes here[/mp3]
[youtube]link to youtube video goes here[/youtube]
[color=blue]anything in here will be blue[/color]
[flash]link to swf or flv file goes here[/flash]

Each media code will be converted into actual embeded audio or video

posted by Yasin on 20th September 2008 - 1 comment


Anonymous wrote on 21 Sep 2008
sounds good
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