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The New Blog System

28th September 2012
Assalamu Alaykum

The blog has had a major update. No updates for almost 2 years as you can see from the date of my last entry here. So how major? Well, all the pages have been updated with newer scripts, styles, features and layout.

It's been a while but Alhamdulillah I've finally got around to it. Many unneeded things were removed as well as many needed things being added.

Some of the new features include:

- Better management area
- BBCODE buttons for easier formatting
- Each blog now has it's own space and no links to other blogs will be seen from that blog
- Categorize posts now with categories
- More which you can discover by logging in or simply browsing

Comments welcome
Suggestions appreciated
Bug reports important


posted by Yasin on 28th September 2012 - 17 comments


Anonymous wrote on 28 Sep 2012
Beautiful. Very nice
ummi taalib wrote on 29 Sep 2012
assalaamu 'alaykum
looks ok on the blog but i'm a bit lost right now, i'm sure loads of work has gone in so jazakallaahu khayra...will know more after i try out some things...just wanted to enquire why the banner is missing

Blogger's Reply:
The banner is still there. It's just a fixed size now so you may need to update it by uploading a new or edited one. Please let me know if you're still having any problems
ummi taalib wrote on 29 Sep 2012
Also cannot seem to access anyone else's blogs...i'm trying to get to abu M's blog to search for sorry but i'm really a bit lost
Blogger's Reply:
You can use the search at the top like before or click on all blogs at the top to view a list of all available blogs
ummi taalib wrote on 29 Sep 2012
Jazakallah. The search option did not show anything when i tried it before but now it does so I can get to the blog but its become more difficult to find a particular post. Can we have categories? Before we had to go through months but now even thats not an option..sorry to be so complaining but categories on each blog would help a lot insha Allah and also readers can choose whatever interests them
Blogger's Reply:
This new update already has a category option but it won't be of any help until the bloggers actually add categories and assign old and new entries into those categories.
ummi taalib wrote on 29 Sep 2012
Banner: just uploaded it again and it shows as uploaded but does not show up
Blogger's Reply:
To me, your same banner shows up. Are you sure you uploaded a new banner from "Settings" and you didn't upload a new file from "Manage Files"??
ummi taalib wrote on 29 Sep 2012
Yes I uploaded it from settings

I cannot see it and i've tried to log out to check if i can see it if not logged in, but am unable to do so.

Blogger's Reply:
I think there may be a browser issue. Can you let me know what browser you're using and I'll test it on that to make sure. So far, a few banners have been updated on some blogs so it is working. I think Internet Explorer might be a problem, it almost always is. Can you try a different browser too? Jazakillah
ummi taalib wrote on 1 Oct 2012
Assalaamu 'alaykum
Tried it from firefox and though its visibe the top and the bottom of the banner is cut off so it looks wierd. Jazakallah for your help...sorry for takleef
Blogger's Reply:
The banner can only be a maximum of 150px to maintain layout. The instructions are right below the upload form. If you need one made, please send instructions via email. It doesn't take long to make and it improves the look
ummi taalib wrote on 2 Oct 2012
ok jazakallah. Can my old one be resized?

A few things, not sure if should post here but here goes:
1. after viewing a blog,i click on view all blogs and this msg appears:
The webpage cannot be found
so i have to enter the site and then go back

2. forum cannot be accessed from blogs any more

3. Is it possible to have names of bloggers on the "latest blog entries" along with the titles so one's favaourite can be quickly chosen?
Blogger's Reply:
Good idea. Blogger's name will be added to latest posts list.
ummi taalib wrote on 11 Oct 2012
assalaamu 'alaykum ww
I was just wondering why the date is mentioned twice on each post. Is it possible to remove the date in the box as perhaps it makes the page too crowded? juat a suggestion
Blogger's Reply:
Wsalam, one is a calendar type display and the other is on the header of the post. Not together really so this is useful to easily find dates if required.
ummi taalib wrote on 15 Oct 2012
aslm...sorry but have to report this: categories maybe messed up? 3 posts from "Prophet Muhammad" are in "Matters of the Heart" and i've checked in case i had made a mistake
Blogger's Reply:
Wsalam. Jazakillah for these reports. I checked properly and found the cause. Categories should work properly now. The entries from each category will show as expected.
ummi taalib wrote on 20 Oct 2012
aslm ww
jazakallaah.the category "matters of the heart" still contain 3 posts which are supposed to be in "Prophet MUhammad" even though i took them out totally and then put them in the right category so still something wrong

Also will you be able to fix it so that the banner is visible with explorer?
Blogger's Reply:
Internet explorer header issue sorted. Do CTRL+F5 to ensure it reloads the css file.

As for matter of the heart category, I am not sure why it's loading all categories in that so I'll look into that soon inshaAllah. Jazakillah for your help and feedback.
ummi taalib wrote on 28 Oct 2012
Assalaamu 'alaykum
I wanted the blog entries to be listed according to dates but cannot find that option, is there such an option?
Blogger's Reply:
Wsalam, simply click the column header DATE to order by date and clock it again to order by date ascending/descending. i will look into the other issues soon. Jazakillah. Ws
ummi taalib wrote on 20 Dec 2012
Assalaamu 'alaykum ww
Just noticed that the categories still not working properly so I thought I'd mention it
ummi taalib wrote on 28 Jul 2016
Assalaamu 'alaykum warahmatullah
Respected Mawlana,
I was searching for a blog post and realised that most of my posts are not there (Not visible to readers). I thought it may because I'm inactive so they automatically disappear but older posts than mine are still there. Is it maybe that i cannot see them because we downgraded from windows 10 to 7? But I can read other recent posts by other bloggers.

When i logged in and checked the post is still there but just cannot be seen by readers. I tried editing and reposting it but still the same. InshaAllah you can advise. Jazaakallaahu khayraa.
Blogger's Reply:

Updates have resumed Alhamdulillah. Hopefully things should be better. Please let me know if there's anything not working correctly still
ummi taalib wrote on 23 Dec 2017
Wa'alaykumus salaam warahmatulah mawlana
yes Alhamdulillah everything seems back to normal, including the pictures, Alhamdulillaah
I thought years of work had gone down as anyone would be put off reading long articles without paragraphs and other formatting! jazaakallaahu khayran for the hard work
ummi taalib wrote on 23 Dec 2017
Sorry, was just testing further. When I go to other categories, it does not show p[osts of that category but I come back to the same page I started with each time.
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakillah. Checked. This seems to be working now if you can kindly check and report back if there's issues.
ummi taalib wrote on 23 Dec 2017
Yes working fine now Alhamdulillah
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