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Archive and Posting Update

14th October 2009
Assalamu Alaykum,

Version 2.2.1

- Archive now shows ALL the months in which posts are available.

- When a draft is saved, the date is not recorded. The date of the post will be the date the post first becomes active.

For more ideas and suggestion, please feel free to let me know.

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posted by Yasin on 14th October 2009 - 11 comments


ummi taalib wrote on 17 Oct 2009
AWW, is it not possible for the old posts in the archives to run together one after the other without them going by months?
Blogger's Reply:

Sorry I don't understand. What do you mean by run together? Apologies if I'm missing something straight forward.

ummi taalib wrote on 18 Oct 2009
AWW, i mean that at the moment though the whole year's posts are available on the blogs they go by months i.e. those posted in jan 09 will be together and then one has to go dec 08 to read more and so on. Dont know how to explain, sorry. wassalaam
Blogger's Reply:

You mean view all posts for each blog on a single page? That will be added soon inshaAllah.

Abu Mohammed wrote on 21 May 2010
Salaams to all.

I have over 90 blogs in my drafts, but when the are published they are not displayed on the top of the list, instead they are being published on the day they were drafted.

This is in contradiction to what is said above.

Please rectify, Shukran
Blogger's Reply:
Wa Aalykum Salam,

Jazakallah for the notification about this issue. It will be looked into soon as we have had more reports about this. Jazakallah

ummi taalib wrote on 24 Dec 2010
i have a big problem...somehow the blog banner has changed (though i havent touched it since starting) and i cant get rid of it..i've even deleted the spain picture. Please help
(Cannot access contact page)
ummi taalib wrote on 24 Dec 2010
the banner seems to be sorted..sorry!
I just deleted the post you mentioned as i'd rather not have something that is cause of concern (though to be honest i didnt see it - because i myself, on hearing a song in a shop would think of how beautiful words were wasted on others beside Allah i thought it beneficial to post). Actually (come to think of it now) others could look at songs in this way too! Maybe i should have left it. Jazakallah
alhuqraa wrote on 11 Sep 2011
Assalamu Alaikum...

Is it possible to revamp our blogs? some sort of update? how come other blogs are so fancy? Don't wanna change or go elsewhere, and I do realise that the content is way more important than the beauty, but just asking. Would be nice.
Blogger's Reply:
Wa Alaykum Salaam,

Time restraints with blog updates but inshaAllah whenever the update is done (hopefully soon), there will be a lot of tweaks and performance improvements along with extra features. Till then, we hope everyone keeps contributing as they have.

alhuqraa wrote on 11 Sep 2011
also agree with Umm taalib, to view a list of all the blog entries from one blogger instead going by months. Jazakallah.
ummi taalib wrote on 20 Apr 2012
assalaamu 'alaykum ww
Can we have some changes on the blog..i.e. things which make it easy to bold or italise text, add images straight from the computor etc.?
Blogger's Reply:

InshaAllah once work is restarted on the blogs, there will be many changes to improve the blog management and entries. Du'aas requested for Barakah in time.

Lyfisatest wrote on 3 Aug 2012
Salaams! Im wondering if you can help me out... If created a blog on Muftsays Now how do I post in it???
Blogger's Reply:

It's pretty simple really. Click "Manage My Blog" - top right corner. Then click add new entry. Other tasks are all under manage my blog. And typically, you must be logged in to access this.

lyfisatest wrote on 3 Aug 2012
JazakkAllah Khayr
asif iqbal hingora wrote on 4 Sep 2012
assalam u alaikum hazrat mera nam mohammed asif walida ka name marhuma hajra begam walid ka nam m.iqbal mae 10 sal se mobile ke busnes me hun lekin meri pareshanya kam hoti hae aor phir badh jati hae kya karu pls help
Blogger's Reply:
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