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Trust in Allah

1st February 2015
When we're at our lowest, everything becomes impossible. Our problems seem like a mountain to climb, a better life seems too good to be true and our lives feel empty, with no sense of direction and no goal in sight.

At times like these, we face two options. We can either continue to allow the bad days to affect our state of mind, or we can learn how to deal with the tests and trials of life.

The fact is, life isn't about having the perfect family, the perfect house, or having the perfect problem free life. Life is about living through the good and bad, learning valuable lessons, experiencing new things, advancing in our abilities, maturing in our state of mind and understanding that imperfection is in actual fact perfection in itself.

The first thing we need to do is accept that all good and bad is from Allah. If someone passes away, that's from Allah. If you lose someone close to you, that's from Allah. If you experience difficulty in all its shapes and forms, then remember, it is all from Allah.

If we had the perfect life, would we actually be happy? By losing something or someone, we learn to value and make the most of what we have. By experiencing trials and tribulations we learn about ourselves. Our strengths, our weaknesses, our habits and our character. Imperfection is what makes us human and this is why we are the best of creation.

Once we learn to accept that everything in our lives, whether good or bad, comes from Allah, the next step is dealing with the situation. For most of us, our first reaction is to panic, worry, stress over the probabilities and lose hope in our abilities to soldier on.

Naturally however, we will panic and stress but its dealing with the aftermath that counts. Islam teaches us a very important lesson.

"Tie your camel, and leave the rest to Allah-"

What this means, is deal with the situation best to your ability. Do what you need to do. Do all that which is possible then leave the rest of Allah. Allah is the most just and He knows all. Instead of spending sleepless nights tossing and turning, read a short durood, recite some zhikr, talk to Allah and Allah will become yours.
Life becomes easier, happier and much more positive once we make Allah a major part of our lives. All year round, when do we turn to Allah? In our time of need? What about the good times? What about thanking Allah for all his blessings upon us?
Allah has 99 names. Read through them and look through its meanings. Its only then will we realise, Allah is the perfect friend.
Before we conclude, one final note.
We've all experienced that time when we've been at our lowest and our friends have been too busy and our families wrapped up in problems of their own. You try to explain how you feel and instead tears roll down your cheeks. If you've ever felt like this or you're feeling like this now, don't feel sad. Allah has sent away all of his creation so now its just you and Him.
Keep the faith.

By Talibatunnoor
posted by TalibatunNoor on 1st February 2015 - 1 comment


MashaAllah wrote on 3 Mar 2015
MashaAllah, well written sister. May Allah grant you and your family with sabr. Patience is Golden and if this is one quality you have together with Imaan, then InshaAllah, everything else that is meant to be of value, will fall right into place.

It's been great reading your blog and the linked work too. Just finished reading everything. Thought provoking and something to learn from.
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