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You're never truly alone.

29th December 2014
Written by TalibatunNoor

Life throws all sorts at us. From heart ache, to regret, pain and difficulty. Throughout these times we sometimes feel we’re alone. I know I did. When you’ve fallen so deep that you can’t stand up, you don’t have the strength and you can’t ask for help. Your own world stops whilst life continues around you. People talking, smiling, socialising, and enjoying what life presents to them each day, taking things in their stride and dealing with each day as it comes. All you can do is watch in despair wishing you could do the same.

We reach points where we feel no one understands. At times, it’s true. With some people, unless they’ve experienced what you’re going through they can’t comprehend the issue. With others however, we lose ourselves to a point where we no longer trust ourselves never mind trusting other people.

The one thing I’ve learnt? It’s at the most loneliest time like this, that we’re actually not alone. Waiting for us is a being who has always been there and always will be. A being who knows exactly what we feel, how we feel, and that is Allah.

I’m not saying our problems will vanish in to thin air, I’m not saying everything will suddenly be ok, what I am saying is talking to Allah will make the load lighter and encourage our first step to recovery.

Our connections with Allah should be as such, that we should be able to talk to Him about everything. Just sit down and talk about everything. Let the embarrassment, guilt, regret and every emotion come through and find comfort in knowing you aren’t being judged, misinterpreted or looked down upon. You are talking to Allah and such are his qualities that he has 99 names.

So as you can see. We’re never alone. We all have Allah. A friend, a listener and a healer of hearts. Difficult times will pass and that’s a fact. How do we know that? Because nothing lasts forever.

posted by TalibatunNoor on 29th December 2014 - 1 comment


Blue solar wrote on 31 Dec 2014
Great piece , well written.jazakAllah khayrun.
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