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Positive And Negative Thoughts

posted by Taalibah on 23rd September 2013 - 2 comments
[b]POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE THOUGHTS[/center] Transcribed by Taalibah [center]From teachings of Shaykh ul Hadeeth Muhammad Saleem Dhorat Sahib [/b] Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aa’la has stated in the Holy Qur’an: [b]Ya ayuhal latheena amanu ij tanibu katheerun minathun[/center] [b]O’ you who believe! Shun as much suspicion as possible for some suspicion is a sin[/center] PART ONE Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aa’la has declared; I am yours therefore I will protect you from indulging in matters that will become a harmful lesson for you and detrimental to your Imaan. Negative feelings, thoughts, and suspicion towards others that run through our hearts and mind, if dwelled upon and accepted, is a grave sin and strictly forbidden. If any negative thought enters our mind it should not be given any president or space, but should be shunned and regarded as the evil whispering of Shaytan and the Nafs. Such thoughts should not be accepted as the truth, but immediately disregarded and ignored as a passing Shatanic and Nafsani conspiracy. When a thought enters our mind, we must firstly examine it and identify whether it is a positive or a negative thought. If it is positive, we must regard it as a virtue, something we will be abundantly rewarded for. A believer’s good thoughts are so precious to Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aa’la that even if a person does not acquire these good qualities that we hold them in esteem of, then Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aa’la will bestow these qualities upon them.
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