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'as Samad'

18th June 2014
'as Samad'

When the forceful flow of Allah (swt) mercy begins, one grounded in kufr (state of disbelief) not only becomes a Wali (saint) but within seconds is elevated to the higher realms of sainthood. There is an incident of a Hindu in India who for ninety-nine years worshipped his idol with the words Sanam - Sanam. One day the word 'as Samad' which is one of Allah's (swt) names slipped from his tongue. Abu Huraira (ra) explained;

"as Samad is the one who is independent of the entire universe and on whom the entire universe is dependent."

As soon as the word 'as Samad' issued forth from the lips, Allah (swt) said, Labbayk (I am present O servant). The kaafir (non-believer) immediately broke the idol with a stick, recited the Kalima (shahada) and said to the Hindus;

"O wretched souls, I was a kaafir (non-believer) for ninety nine years I have been addressing this idol without a single reply. Today, by mistake I mentioned the name of the Muslim deity and received an immediate response with the word Labbayk (I am Present) from the heavens. [I am present, O my servant, it was you who had left me and betook yourself to the worship of idols who are deaf, dumb and blind]"

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb D.B
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