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Sensory Sensitivities - Touch

10th June 2014
Sensory Sensitivities - Touch

Touch is important for social development. It helps us to assess the environment we are in (is an object hot or cold?) and react accordingly. It also allows us to feel pain. People with an ASD may experience the following differences.


Holds others tightly - needs to do so before there is a sensation of having applied any pressure.
Has a high pain threshold.
May self-harm.
Enjoys heavy objects (eg, weighted blankets) on top of them.


Touch can be painful and uncomfortable; people may not like to be touched and this can affect their relationships with others.
Dislikes having anything on hands or feet.

Difficulties brushing and washing hair because head is sensitive.
Only likes certain types of clothing or textures.

Every time I am touched it hurts; it feels like fire running through my body.  Gillingham, G. (1995), page 3
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