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Autism - Sound

15th May 2014
Sensory Sensitivities

This is the most commonly recognised form of sensory impairment. Hearing impairments can affect someone's ability to communicate and possibly also their balance. People with an ASD may experience the following differences.


May only hear sounds in one ear, the other ear having only partial hearing or none at all.
May not acknowledge particular sounds.
Might enjoy crowded, noisy places or bang doors and objects.


Noise can be magnified and sounds become distorted and muddled.
Particularly sensitive to sound and can, for example hear conversations in the distance.
Inability to cut out sounds – notably background noise, which often leads to difficulties concentrating.
Example...Do you hear noise in your head? It pounds and screeches. Like a train rumbling through your ears. Powell, J. (in Gillingham, G. 1995), page 41
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