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The Infinite over the Finite

8th May 2014
The Infinite over the Finite

Say: "O my servants who have transgressed against their souls!
Despair not of the mercy of Allah, for Allah forgives all sins, for
He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Az Zumar 39:53)

The value of this ayah (verse) can be gauged by the response it solicited from Rasulullah (saw) who said,

"This ayah (verse) is so beloved to me that if I were to be given the entire universe in exchange for it, it will not please me more."

Allah (swt) says:

"O Muhammad (saw) inform my sinful servants, O My servants, those who have oppressed themselves by committing innumerable sins. Do not become despondent regarding My mercy. Verily, Allah most certainly forgives all sins."

Now all the preconditions placed by Allah (swt) were also excluded...

"I am removing even this condition so that my sinful servants do not lose hope".

The Arabic work, Inna in this verse denotes emphasis. The Alif, Laam in Azzunuba is Alif, Laam Itighraaqiah, which denotes exclusiveness, meaning all sin, every single, each and every sin will be forgiven my Allah (swt). This ayah (verse) has thus been revealed with three different forms of emphasis whereby Allah (swt) absolutely confirms that all sins will be forgiven.

Allah (swt) is the Forgiving, the Most Merciful. His quality of forgiveness has been mentioned first so that it can be known why Allah (swt) forgives.

"I forgiven due to the splendour of My infinite mercy. Your sins are finite while My forgiveness is infinite. Your sins are finite while My mercy is infinite. Your finite sins in the presence of My infinite mercy are like that of a little bird taking a drop of water from the immense ocean. The relation of the drop of water from the immense ocean. The relation of the drop of water to the ocean is not even comparable to your sins in relation to My infinite mercy and forgiveness".

Shaykh, Dr Abdul Hay (rah) mentions that the urine and faeces of Karachi's ten million people gets washed into the ocean; a single wave comes and carries it all away without leaving a single trace, while maintaining the sea Paak (clean and pure) all the time. This ocean is finite compared to the infinite ocean of Allah's mercy and forgiveness. A single wave of His mercy washes away every single sin of ours.

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb DB

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Nazir wrote on 8 May 2014
Alhumdulillah, Allah is so merciful and kind, we are committing numerous sins daily, even then he is showers his blessings upon us and waits for his sinful servants to call him and ask for tawbah. MashAllah great blog.
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