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Becoming Allah's

4th March 2014
Belonging to Allah (swt)

When Allah (swt) attracts someone towards Himself, the combined forces of the entire universe cannot succeed in drawing him away.

When the identity tag around the collar neck of a cat bears the ownership of a head of state, a commander-in-chief, or a general, nobody has the courage to tempt it with a few shreds of fat and make it his own. Everyone realizes that he will meet with dire consequences and that his very fate will hang in the balance.

One, whom Allah (swt) makes His, will not be tempted by the world of beauty, the glitter of wealth and riches, or the universe of power and politics. No power in existence will meet in purchasing him despite its magnetism. One whom Allah (swt) chooses for Himself is granted a countenance of awe and dignity. His ambition will be beyond compromise to such an extent that even if he, in a moment of weakness desired to sell himself, Allah (swt) by taking him into His special protection, will not enable him to do so.

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb DB
posted by Taalibah on 4th March 2014 - 1 comment


Farida jogee wrote on 4 Mar 2014
MashaAllah how true. You explain things clearly, I'm truly inspired.
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