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24th January 2014
Shaykh Rumi (rah) has expressed:

O people of the world! Jalal ud Deen Rumi has dug in his heels and lowered his head.

Do not cast my feet in chains. Do not ensnare my feet with worldly chains. Those who breed animals are well aware that when an animal lowers its head and digs in its hooves it is calling upon and compounding its reserve strength. Ask the breeders of animals what an apt simile Shaykh Rumi (rah) has drawn in this example. He is saying,

"I have lowered my head and dug in my heels, I now want to free myself from worldly chains. Now, release my feet, O worshippers of the world, for I do not have the capacity to understand your talk and speech. Do not advise me anymore. Do not ask me that by becoming a total Mullah (Allah Servant), from where will I eat. O worshippers of the world this fool will insha-Allah (Allah willing) receive such rozi (sustenance) which cannot be acquired by great intellectuals. That which you regard as stupidity is the essence of intelligence."

Stupid and foolish are those who have displeased Allah سبحانه وتعالى in spite of which they attribute intelligence to themselves. They are not intelligent but shrewd. Sustenance is not acquired by shrewdness or intelligence but by the fadl (grace) and bounty of Allah سبحانه وتعالى. Some simple-minded people are given rozi (sustenance) in such excess that great intellectuals, people of wisdom are dumbfounded.

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb DB
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