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Committing Sins is Contrary to the Nobility of Servitude

5th September 2013
Committing Sins is Contrary to the Nobility of Servitude

Allah Subhaanuhuwata'aala has exhibited only a single percent of His mercy in this world while He has reserved the remaining 99%, which will be displayed on the Day of Resurrection. On that day it will be seen what classes of people will be meted out with forgiveness and salvation. People who are looked down upon and regarded as confirmed Jahannamis (destined for hell), will on that day, take wing and fly to Jannah (paradise). Not a single possessor of imaan, even it be the weight of a mustard seed, will be deprived of His mercy, but, to depend on His mercy and continue living a life of sin is sheer shamelessness and totally contrary to the dictates of virtue and nobility.

This does not mean that we should continue sinning with the intention that Allah's mercy will encompass us. If someone gives us ointment which is highly effective in the treatment of burns, will we be so foolish as to put our hands in fire in order to test the effectiveness of the ointment. We do believe without doubt that Allah is the Provider yet we resort to means by opening our shops or by finding employment. Therefore, have the same degree of faith in Allah's attribute of Forgiving as we have in His quality of Provider. Do we, by having faith in His providence, close our shops and do we give up working?

Therefore, let the level of our faith with both attributes be the same. Let us not with the hope of Allah's forgiveness continue sinning and give up the effort to abstain from sin. Allah is al- Raaziq (Provider), He does provide for us, but we have to make effort, don't we?

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb
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