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Temporary Pleasures of Sins

6th August 2013

Temporary Pleasures of Sin

The life of one who is cut-off from Allah swt is like that kite whose string has been severed and is fluttering aimlessly in the air. By merely looking at a person who is wallowing in the muck of haraam pleasures, one realises that this unfortunate being, is far removed from Allah swt, that he is cut-off, estranged, and deprived from closeness to Allah swt. Just by looking at a kite that flutters after it is cut-off from one who was previously executing fascinating manoeuvres does one not reaslize that it is no longer connected, that it has been cut-off? After this separation it becomes the plaything of street urchins.

Whatever form of punishment is visited upon such a person is still meagre. Immaterial what form of punishment such a person is meted with it is insignificant for he is challenging The Most Powerful of those who have power. He has, by his disobedience, the audacity and cheek to displease The Master, Who is The Possessor of Absolute Power. Who is he pleasing by his disobedience? He is by his immaturity and folly pleasing none other than the mean and lowly creation, nafs (base desires).

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb R.A.

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