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Unlawful Love and Desires

1st August 2013
Temporary Pleasures

Remember the pleasures of committing sins are temporary whilst the punishment of sin is permanent. One involved in sin may read a hundred thousand Tahajjuds (supererogatory prayers late at night), perform Haj and Ummra year after year and yet such a person's despicable humiliating actions will never be forgotten by one whom the sin was committed with. Both will be seen as absolutely mean and hateful in each others sight. Is this a small punishment?

Hakeem ul Ummah (r.a.) says that both parties that participated in sin appear degraded in each other's sight. He also mentioned that love for anyone besides Allah is in fact the punishment of Allah. One experiences the punishment of Jahannam (hell) while still in this world.

Shaykh Haji Imdadullah (r.a.) says that the end result of colour, shape and all outward beauty is eventual hatred and dislike. When time or ailment claims beauty, the old admirer does not even greet the other. In their prime they promised kingdoms to each other. However, with the passage of time and the appearance of wrinkles on the smooth skin one addresses the other:

"You were always prepared to sacrifice a kingdom or two to prove your love. What are you prepared to do for me now?" The reply is invariably, "By merely looking at you, I develop a fever, let alone sacrificing anything. I dread the very nightmare of looking at you."

Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb
posted by Taalibah on 1st August 2013 - 1 comment


Farida wrote on 1 Aug 2013
MashaAllah thats true. May Allah give us strength to control our nafs and restrain us from doing bad. But I can see the problem growing especially in this country when looking for a partner. They don't rely on uncles and aunties like they did in the past, they want to find who they are compatible with.
Blogger's Reply:
Allah swt make it easy for all parents, and grant children the correct understanding of Deen InshaAllah, there are no barriers between a mother's dua for her child. You are correct with time the thinking has changed contrary to shariah, unfortunately both by parents and children.
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