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In Times Of Difficulties

22nd July 2013

written by Taalibah

In times of Difficulties when we have tried everything that has been possible within our means to resolve our troubles, and searched every avenue and every route possible for a solution, and we are none the wiser. We should ponder why we are unable to find a solution or any positive answers, and why there are closed doors in every direction we turn to? The answer lies in the following words we are taught;

'A Believer bears difficulties with patience’

By performing patience we are allowing our worries to rest with Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala, we search for help in everything and from everyone other then our Creator. It is only our Creator who can make the impossible; possible, and only He can do what He wills, how He wills, and for whomever He wills. As soon as we turn towards Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala with our bag full of worries, concerns, anxieties and troubles, the panic, despondency and frustration begins to disappear.

Our Creator is Al-Wise, Al-Aware; therefore, difficulties are only created with His full Wisdom and Awareness. What can a human resolve who does not know everything, compared to the One who is All-Knowing and knows everything and has the entire universe running under His Control? When we turn to people for help after a few times of helping us they become fed up and despondent with us, unlike our Creator who does not want to help us a few times, but He wants to help us unlimitedly and forever as long as we are alive, just waiting to embrace us with His Compassion and Mercy. The creation maybe the means, but it is the Creator whose hands are at work for us.

A Believer bears difficulties with patience, why?

- Because Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala knows of the difficulties we endure and we endure them for a purpose known only to Him
- To identify the real Believers; are we going to turn to our Creator, or are we going to panic and run to His creation for help?
- Difficulties draw us closer to Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala
- Difficulties wash away our sins and elevate our status in the Hereafter
- Difficulties purify our sins, so we will not suffer the trials and tribulations of the Hereafter, but we will enter directly into Jannah

Our Creator is fully Aware of our worries and anxieties. It is enough that the All-Knowing knows the troubles of our hearts. It is our belief as Muslims that all fate good and bad comes from Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala. How can we stop the clouds from drifting in the skies, how can we stop the noise of thunderbolts and lightening from striking, who is in control the Creator or His creation? We learn our lessons in life the hard way, we lose hope first, then turn to Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala, but we should be turning to Allah Subhaanuhuwata’aala first, and not lose hope. Because, worries end where faith begins.

Alhamdulillah Rabbilaalameen.
posted by Taalibah on 22nd July 2013 - 6 comments


Blog wrote on 22 Jul 2013
The word "WE" is missing in this sentence:

We should ponder why are unable to find a solution or any positive answers


From the one who didn't subscribe, but got subscribed
Blogger's Reply:
jazakallah for pointing out the error, very much appreciated. my apologies if you have not subscribed, please forward your email address so I can clarify and unsubscribe for you.
ummi taalib wrote on 22 Jul 2013
assalaamu 'alaykum

Jazaakillah for the beneficial post...the last line made me think as I'm a worrier! Please make du'a for me

by the way, I Love the banner!
Blogger's Reply:
wa'alaykumsalam, dua's for you always my dear, we only worry if we have reason, have faith and hope in Allah's mercy. your dua's for us also requested.
very pleased with banner, glad you liked it.
Ummi Kulsum wrote on 23 Jul 2013
MashaALlah, you've made me think about myself, true how we look at the creation for help and not the creator. May Allah improve our knowledge on how we deal with our issues. I also strongly believe that whatever's put in front of us is for a reason, either to learn from or is good for us.
Blogger's Reply:
Very true sister, everything in life has a reason, Allah swt grant us much patience under all circumstances. Ameen
ummi taalib wrote on 23 Jul 2013
sis taalibah...regarding this in your reply above:

"Allah swt grant us much patience under all circumstances"

I do believe I've read/heard that we should not ask for patience in this way. Yes, when a calamity befalls then definitely we turn to Allah and ask for help as well as patience. What do you think? Have you heard this?
Blogger's Reply:
I'm glad you raised this point, patience under all circumstances in my lowly opinion, would be: patience in both happiness and in adversities, as even in happiness we are prone to forget Allah swt and comit sins, we are more likely to forget Allan swt in happiness then when in difficulty. Islam is having a balance in all our emotions, so even when we are happy we must perform patience and not forget Allah by exceeding the limits. Hence asking for patience under all circumstances, so we can remain in state of moderation and not exceed the limits in any one thing.

To refrain from sin, is a greatest form of patience and there lays great reward for us InshaAllah.
Farzana wrote on 23 Jul 2013
Masha Allah very well written and a great reminder . May Allah help us and the whole Ummah in times of difficulties and grant us patience and understanding.
Blogger's Reply:
Ameen to your dua's, nice to have you back on MS, hoping to see more of you InshaAllah xxx
Rafik Uddin wrote on 29 Jul 2013
Masha Allah very beneficial.
Blogger's Reply:
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