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Biting the Hand That Feeds

30th June 2013
Biting The Hand That Feeds

We are often offended when someone we have spent our valuable time and energy to help, accommodate and please, don’t return the same, or show any sign of gratitude in return. We forget that all our actions and show of kindness towards any of Allah (swt) creation is solely for His pleasure and not for those we strive to please or for our own self interest, therefore we should not hold any expectations in return from anyone, but have full faith that all our virtuous acts of kindness will be rewarded to us only by Allah (swt).

We have expectations of others yet are ourselves neglectful towards our Creator, we cannot tolerate ingratitude, abuse, disrespect, or ill-mannered behaviour of any kind towards us by anyone, yet we do not mind being ungrateful by disrespecting Allah (swt) right over us, by neglecting His sacred laws and commandments, we continue showing ingratitude towards him, yet are happy to take everything He bestows upon us without refusal. He lovingly tolerates us when we continuously sin, but yet we deny and acknowledge His existence; this is how we repay the kindness and generosity of our Beloved Creator for tolerating and persevering with our neglectful ways. We take great measures to please others and take offence to their lack of appreciation, yet we are neglectful towards the one we depend on for everything.

We perform small worldly favours for others and have high expectations in return, and here is Allah (swt) what has he not favoured us with? If we have been deprived of health, he has given us wealth in replacement, if we have been deprived of wealth; he has granted us firm health in replacement, the favours that descend upon us always outweighing any small deprivation, and even then if the least amount of deprivation is patiently persevered with and accepted as the decree of Allah (swt) we become the beloved of Allah (swt) and will be rewarded abundantly, with our sins forgiven and rank raised in the hereafter.

We worry and busy ourselves with what other people are thinking, saying and doing, always looking at the affairs of others, judging and watching them with no concern for our own state of affairs.

We need to examine and judge our own behaviour, what are we doing, why are we doing it, and whom are we doing it to please? Is it something that’s going to bring down upon us the pleasure or wrath of Allah (swt)? No matter how much we continuously reject Allah (swt) rights over us, and utilise our time to win the pleasure of others, it will remain to be a worthless and fruitless effort. We attack and bite the hand that loves and feeds us, but foolishly grab the hands of those, who want to misuse and waste our valuable time and energy, allowing them to lead us further away from our Creator.

“Why should I not love and obey the hand that feeds me,
When out of neglect I perform many sins,
The hand doesn’t stop bringing me favours,
But continues to feed, clothe and love me”

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