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Choosing the Proper Place for Reciting the Qur'aan

6th October 2015

Many have noted that the more "spiritual" the place, the greater the person will be attuned to what he is reading. Similarly, if the place is free of distractions, of any kind, including children's noises, others talking, and so on, the more the person will be able to concentrate on the Qur'aan. [1] 

Obviously, the masjid should give the proper atmosphere and be one of the best places to read the Qur'aan. 

For women, if possible, they may wish to set aside a portion of their residence as their "masjid." This would be an are wherein no objects of distraction would be present. Furthermore, especially if the woman has children, it would be helpful of the husband to assist his wife in her reading of the Qur'aan by making sure that the children do not bother her while she is studying the Qur'aan. [2] 


[1] Many people also like to listen to the Qur'aan while driving a car or other similar activities. Such people must make sure that they also read the Qur'aan under circumstances wherein they are able to give the Qur'aan their full undivided attention. 

[2] How to Approach and Understand the Quran, p. 106 

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