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Man and Migration

12th December 2014
Human being is considered to be moving creature. It will be realized by us that human being has been created to move between the places. The reason behind it is the needs of the human like food and drink. These are the things which are needed to remain present as a human being on earth. Another reason is of having a good partner, every young woman is in need and search of a good husband and every man is in search of good wife, this keeps them moving. There is a 3rd need which is related with proving himself (For example, to be advanced in his area of expertise). The 3 needs includes;

- Need for Food
- Need of partner
- Good reputation (After the death)

It is the fact that migration is considered to be a movement, but it is driven by Aqeedah; If the city or country where you live prevents you from obeying the orders of Allah, then one should think about leaving it for some other place which may be a country or city other than the present one. There was a doctor living in Germany who was having a great income and he belonged from Damascus however, he had a small girl who used to tell his dad “you” do this and that. One day the doctor asked his small kid what do you mean by “you” she replied (Arabs and Muslims). The doctor decided to move to his own country as in Germany the education was such that about the Muslims the concept of underdevelopment was buried in the minds of children. He was forced to leave the very high quality of life and moved to his own country. After a number of years she started using “We” instead of “You” as she realized from where she belonged actually. May Allah grant this doctor the reward for it.

As I described earlier, the need of existence and having good reputation after our death is important factor for human beings. It is said that if a person teaches a young man the knowledge of Islam, he is like someone who teaches 1 person only but if the person teaches Islamic knowledge to a woman, he teaches the whole family.

In order to help Muslim Women learn the Islamic Quran and how to read and recite the holy Quran, a Noorani Qaida application has been developed. This is the Qaida that contains the basic alphabets and then phrases and sentences that will be great to learn Quran. In order to help Muslims have the whole Quranin their own cell phones, so that they can read or recite any surah anytime, I would recommend to use Quran Now app which is a great cell phone based Quran.
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