Mufti Taqi Usmani (HA) to British Muslims on Closing Mosques: 19 January 2021

19th January 2021
posted by Muadh_Khan on 19th January 2021 - 2 comments


MX3 wrote on 19 Jan 2021
Salaam. This is bad content. I read all the blogs from mobile. You have a post title that interests me but there's no information for those have YouTube blocked. A small summary of what he said would be more useful and better video host
Blogger's Reply:
W-Salam, So you have YouTube blocked but it is my fault for not providing a summary. ok...
MX3 wrote on 21 Jan 2021
Thank you for your reply. It's still bad content. You are free to take the suggestion or ignore it like you've done above. I can see now why you've been deemed unreliable by other brothers, I can see clearly here that you are not capable of understanding the message and instead find a reason to fight using the reason of the problem and not the problem itself. Good luck, I'll unsubscribe.
Blogger's Reply:
The talk is by Mufti Taqi Usmani (HA) and in the format provided by him. He didn't issue anything in writing. The talk is directed at British Muslims. The talk is hosted on YouTube which in not banned or blocked in Britain. The date, time and title is accurate. The YouTube has no images or pictures on it. For some reason (wherever you are) it is not possible for you to access YouTube or you have chosen to block it or something to that affect. This is somehow my fault and it has annoyed you to such an extent that you are angry, upset and blaming me, getting personal and wish to unsubscribe. I get the problem so whatever you want to do, please go ahead...
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