BBC (The Deobandis): Experts & Bias

12th April 2016

Addendum: I have just been informed that the BBC wrote a number of accusatory letters to British Ulama and Institutions asking to explain themselves or appear on the program. All those who contacted Wifaqul Ulama were helped with drafting a response and none of them were named or mentioned on this program.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh

I would like to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of Brother Mukhtar Master who had already discovered some of these links

This is a short piece introducing some of the "experts" used by BBC in their 2 part series called "The Deobandis". BBC of course prides itself to be impartial, take a look at background of some of the experts.

Remember that these programs are supposed to be on "Deobandis"....

The Deobandis (Part 1):

  1. Aliyah Saleem: Atheist! BBC tried to link her transformation to Deobandi repression but when she herself states otherwise.
  2. Mobeen Azhar: Grown up in a Barelwee family and someone who has chosen to become Homosexual and yet the program tried to present him as an “Ex-Tableeghi”
  3. Dr Philip Lewis: Vehement in his opposition to London Mosque project & thinks that Tableeghi Jamaat is "isolationist", "patriarchal" and has a narrow reading of Islam that leaves it vulnerable to extremists
  4. Sheikh Musa Admani: An imam at London Metropolitan University, pleaded with both the Home Office and academic leaders to supervise and control Islamic societies.

The Nation is now glued to the program because they have heard the "Experts"...

The Deobandis (Part 2):

During the program BBC claims that “British Muslims” rejoiced over the murder of Asad Shah, it conveniently ignored 4 facts:

  1. MCB has unequivocally condemned the murder.

  2. Wifaqul Ulama has unequivocally condemned the murder.

  3. NOT a single Deobandi Scholar or person (of any repute) is on record condoning this murder at all.

  4. Tanveer Ahmed (and before him Mumtaz Qadri) both belonged to the Barelwee organisation called “Dawat-e-Islami”. The praising of the murder of Asad Shah and celebration of the actions of Tanveer Ahmed is are being done by Barelwees on the Internet. The hastags and Social Media campaigns are by organisations and individuals which are not Deobandi. Owen Bennett-Jones very “cleverly” mentioned British Muslims but deliberately failed to make the distinction…It is impossible for Owen Bennett-Jones to not know that Barelwees and Deobandis have nothing to do with each other (at all)…BBC should also know by virtue of their research that these praises on the social media are not being carried out by Deobandees…

You have noted that Wifaqul Ulama (Deobandi organisation) has condemned this murder, while here is Dawat-e-Islami justifying the murder:

Take a look at Hashtag #GhaziTanveer in Twitter and it confirms that these are Barelwees. How Tanveer Ahmed came to his decision is out of scope of this blog, what I wish to point out is that neither him nor those celebrating this murder are Deobandees...

SHAME ON BBC! They have just endanegered the safety and security of Millions of British Muslims with their bias...

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abu mohammed wrote on 12 Apr 2016
Yet we will still continue to fund them religiously with the tv licensing farce!
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