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21st September 2015

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Disclaimer: This post contains Pictures & Music, if you don’t wish to read or listen please don’t proceed any further.

Alhumdolillah, Allah (SWT) gave Junaid Jamshed Hidaya to move away from Vital Signs and embark upon the Journey of following the noble Sunnah of Rasul-ullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) nearly 2 decades ago. Masha’Allah for over 20 years many have been inspired by Junaid Jamshed to come to the Deen of Allah (SWT).

However, the graph of Junaid Jamshed (as far following) the Sunnah is concerned has been steadily declining for over a decade. Many Muslims chose to (and still choosing to) give him benefit of the doubt and we should continue to raise our hands in supplication for our noble and respected Brother.

However, I had a conversation with a leading Scholar (who is also a friend of Junaid Jamshed) and his attitude truly upset me. This same Scholar wanted me to campaign against a famous Da’ee in the West because in his opinion this person is a “Halafi”. Junaid Jamshed may be a “Hanafi” but his public sins are of a far serious nature.

First I thought that maybe our noble Maulana may be had no knowledge about the matter but to my astonishment, he did. Maulana’s response (if stripped) of all irrelevancies as that Junaid Jamshed is connected to the Ulama of Deoband and this is the problem.

Ulama of Deoband sacrificed their lives for this Deen and for the fulfilment of Sunnah. Junaid Jamshed is NOT a new Muslim, he is NOT an ignorant Muslim (despite his youtube dramatics) and he is FREE to do what he wishes but his ACTIONS should not be reflected upon those who are affiliated with Deoband or the Tableeghi Jamaat.

I ask EVERYONE  who is associated with Brand “Junaid Jamshed” as to why despite knowing very clearly what he is doing they still chose to promote him? Are his actions not in clear contradiction to the Sunnah? I am not asking anyone to curse or dishonour him but I am expecting those who wish to uphold the Sunnah to distance themselves from him and his action UNTIL he chooses to extricate himself from actions which are in complete and contradiction to the Sunnah of Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

Before writing this blog I have done my due diligence and my conclusions indicate:

  1. Junaid Jamshed is under no financial difficulty or duress to be doing what he is doing
  2. Junaid Jamshed is no longer listening to the Ulama who have been trying to advise him about his actions.

Junaid Jamshed Fan Club is carrying on as normal where they wilfully and deliberately label everyone who points to his action (contrary to the Sunnah) as hate, biased, lacking wisdom etc and to be honest I don’t really care about his Fan Club. My appeal is to everyone who has Love for the Sunnah in his heart and honour for Ulama of Deoband to OPEN his or her eyes and take a look at some of this material.

Junaid Jamshed 2011 (EMI Pakistan)

Junaid Jamshed 2012 (ISNA)

Junaid Jamshed (2015) Official Pakistan Air Force Song

Junaid Jamshed (2015) Chand SItara with Junoon (Making the Song)

Junaid Jamshed (2015) Chand Sitara Song

Then we have a series of Sponsorship deals under his brand JJ such as Karachi Blues Cricket Team.

Those who are looking for information and actions of Junaid Jamshed can easily find hundreds of items which are IN DIRECT conflict with Sunnah. Again, what he does is his business entirely but he is able to do these things and get away with it due to a band of DEOBANDEES who organise his shows, purhase his merchandise and assist in his Tours.

Its time you put loyalty of Allah (SWT) & His Rasool (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) ABOVE Junaid Jamshed.

There are many Da'ees around the world whom DEOBANDEES issue warnings against simply because the person is NOT following Hanafi Madhab while Junaid Jamshed is clearly involved in Haram, publicly and without regret.

The world watches and more importantly, Allah (SWT) watches what you do. 


08DEC2016: Our honourable Brother passed away yesterday. May Allah Ta'ala forgive his sins and grant him Jannatul-Firdaus (Ameen). He passed away in the path of Allah, Masha'Allah

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Mohammed Aathif wrote on 21 Sep 2015
Respected Brother, Assalamualaikum

First, ONLY and ONLY to make sure that people don't consider my opinion to be biased - I am a Deobandi(follows the opinions of the respected ulama of Deoband), Hanafi and a Tablighi(the respected elders of Tabligh do NOT like branding oneself as a Tablighi,but only to make things clear).

I fully agree with the opinions posted with regards to Junaid Jamshed. If anyone is going against Sunnah, then he is definitely in the wrong direction. I was in Markaz Nizamuddin recently and Moulana Saad Sb mentioned a few things whose gist was - today we reproduce more of things which are talked in bayaans by some person than reproducing ahadeeth and the stories of the sahaba. We should, instead of looking at the present day people, be it a great Aalim as models, always firstly look at prophet Muhammad(Sal) and secondly at the sahaba who followed him as is without questioning.

Yes we should respect the Da'ees and Ulama and Mashaikh, but once we find them to be going against the sunnah, we should clarify their stand and if you still find them to be wrong we should distance ourselves.

And we need to make dua for them.

How many of us after finding brother Junaid deviating from the path of sunnah has made dua for him? We don't have to support his acts, or in fact start spreading his bad acts, but make dua for him.

Since he is a 'brand', like an Aalim said, a pious persons small mistakes are talked about, but a person who is not pious, nobody cares about his bad actions. I agree Brother Junaid has to be careful with his acts, on the other hand we need to make dua that Allah protect him and all of us from all sins.

Remember what matters is how you are being looked upon by Allah,,especially bin the day of Qiyamah.
Blogger's Reply:
ahamed wrote on 21 Sep 2015
After his taubah, Junaid Jamshed has passed through trials, ups and downs. Even tried to return to his old lifestyle. But lot of duas and hikmah brought him back. I had heard about the trials he had passed through. Any ordinary person could have failed. Atleast I myself would have failed in those trials. I do dua that Br Muadh khan shall not, shall not be tested for those trials.
Blogger's Reply:
20 Years ago! Successful Clothing Brand, Perfume Launch (recently), sponsored Karachi Blues Cricket Team...Sang for Pakistan Air Force And I do happen to know his life history pretty well....GIVE IT A REST BROTHER!....I mean seriously and honestly....GIVE IT A REST!
ahamed wrote on 22 Sep 2015
And you haven't heard about the other part, facing trials, about to shave his beard, breaking the taubah etc.

So the path of hikmah, and crying in tahajjud duas shall be followed by someone who had offered Qurbani to bring change in a person with 1 million fan club, lavish living, driving youth towards jahannam etc.

There is a saying "Joe janay wahi sahay"(Who had pains tolerates her child) and "Apnoe ke ronay per dil mein dard hota hai, doosroen ke ronay per sir mein dard hota hai"

Pointing fingers, any one can do it.

I have personally experienced a Bollywood hero who did taubah, faced trials and our own so called "sir garam daees" added fuel to fire, he was about to say Good bye.

May Allah protect Ummah for these "sir garam daees".

Brother I also shall be remembering JJ in duas in these dhilhaj days, I request you to remember him.
Blogger's Reply:
He is composing Music, having a Million Hits, unrepentant, singing dancing, interacting with women and all of this is public. Of course Duas are needed but you just want us to ignore all of this???Based on what? Your Ijtehad? I have published many of your comments but if you don't substantiate yourself from Shariah sources nothing further will be published. You have the right to have your opinion but we have no right to entertain it if it doesn't conform with Islam.
AbdAllah wrote on 22 Sep 2015

Very true Uncle Muaadh!

I am surprised, though not shocked that the honourable ML Taariq Jameel Saheb DB has not condemned JJ for his antics as he is so close to him.
xs11ax wrote on 22 Sep 2015

anyone noticed on the second video, while they are dancing, singing, playing music, there are ayats of the quraan being displayed on the screen behind them. what kind of hypocrisy makes a person defend this kind of blasphemy?

regarding the comment by ahamed - this is the first time i have come across someone defending such haram behaviour. absolutely pathetic. most people go through trials in their lives. how is that a pass for haram behaviour and promoting haram?

ahamed wrote on 22 Sep 2015
Once he was planning to remove his beard and do Pepsi Ad with an Western lady in Malaysia or Indonesia.
I am not arguing that just because of these previous trials he shall be allowed to continue with wrong. My request is to look for ways or assist the people who are trying to correct him (silence is one way of assisting), that shall help him and his followers. Propaganda of the mistakes shall not bring any good to him, it could be counter productive and Allah SWT shall hold us responsible for that.

Haan, the propagandists taqwah can get appreciation from few circles.
Blogger's Reply:
So in 20 years he turned ONE Western lady so we overlook HUNDREDS of Eastern Ladies who appear in his Concerts? You have seen this with your own eyes in the Tweet which I sent you? The yardstick of Islam is Western Ladies vs Eastern Ladies? Brother, are you thinking properly???
Adil wrote on 22 Sep 2015
Make dua for his istiqamat rather than exposing his 'sins' brother. Had you been a popular good looking rich pop star could you have left it all behind. If so don't you think you'd ever be tempted to look back. A rich man cannot judge a begger when he steals - a poor man cannot judge the rich when they indulge. Our job is to give targheeb and make dua
Blogger's Reply:
First of all, Close to a million likes on Facebook on a Song which is being marketed on Youtube is not exposing "Sins". If you don't understand that concept please reply again get my email and discuss. Don't make random off the wall comments which are illogical and unIslamic. Exposing a sin is something which is done in Private. Dancing with many in Lahore is NOT A PRIVATE SIN! Secondly, how do you know my background to know whether I am rich or poor or unable to judge someone due to lack of exposure. I agree that we should make dua but kindly refrain from making comments without logic and most importantly without Islamic Knowledge.
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