Imran Khan is not the Messiah

18th September 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Disclaimer: I don't support Nawaz Shareef or any other individual or party currently embroiled in power struggle with Imran Khan but I do support the religion of Allah (SWT) and its implementation in Pakistan (in its true and pristine form) which is long overdue!

Inqilaab (revolution) needs an idea:

The term Inqilaab (revolution) is worn out when used in the context of Pakistan. Anything and everything is called an “Inqilaab”, we need an “Inqilaab” to solve the power crisis, we need an “Inqilaab” to solve the illiteracy issues, the Chief Justice will bring “Inqilaab” by providing cheap, speedy and efficient justice….etc etc etc.

Anyone can claim an “Inqilaab” by brining 1 million men on the streets (in reality these are usually 5-10,000 men at best but who’s counting!)

Pakistan needs Islam:

When looking through the prism of history an “Inqilaab” always has a revolutionary idea behind it. The creation of Pakistan had the powerful idea of Islam and asserting the Islamic identity of Muslims. This powerful idea drove (and united) the Muslims of India and culminated in the creation of Pakistan because it was felt that a (Muslim) state was needed to implement Islam. If the practise of Islam was mere rituals then there would have been no need for Pakistan, in fact Muslims of India have most of their ritualistic practises protected under Indian constitution and with the posts of Qadhees are much more flexible and adaptable to life under Islamic Shariah.

When we look at Imran Khan we find no revolutionary idea behind the “Inqilaab”. He is the least corrupt(able), best of the options but there is no big idea (no powerful) revolutionary force. He does pay lip Service to Islam but there is neither knowledge, practice or implementation of Islam in either him or his party, you have to be blind not to see that.

Majority of Pakistanees have deeply held allegiance to Islam (although practise may be lacking) but the fervour and the passion for Islam is self-evident. This majority will NEVER accept Imran Khan and neither is Imran claiming to bring about Shariah (or Islam). So this galvanising, powerful revolutionary force is lost (as a motivational tool).

Imran Khan is undermining civil authority and institutes:

That leaves us with Secularism. Nawaz Shareef’s Government was elected by democratic means and brining a mob to the capital to hold a knife at the country’s jugular is an affront to democratic traditions. Nawaz Shareef Government should be allowed to complete its term (as per constitution of Pakistan) otherwise the tradition of “mob hustle with muscle” will continue in Pakistan.

If there is a problem with the performance of democratically elected Government then civil institutes particularly the legislative and judicial branches should be engaged. Bypassing them, upsets the balancing forces of democracy and gives rise to autocracy and dictatorship. Imran Khan should work to strengthen the civil institutes of Pakistan to withstand and bring to justice the abuse of power not bring mob to the streets and hustle for change! If Imran Khan can hustle a democratically elected government out of power then so can XYZ when Imran Khan is in power this “mob culture and tactics” of usurping power must stop!

Imran Khan may yet succeed in bringing down the Shareef Government but it won’t be because of “Inqilaab” but because of lack of a better choice!

Pakistani people deserve better then to merely pick the least evil. In fact they should demand better! But that will require a “Inqilaab” and since majority are Muslim and have deeply held (unshakeable) convictions about Islam lets really give Islam a try and not pay lip service.

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