War: Solution to problems of Pakistan

1st September 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I was born, raised and educated in Pakistan and being fluent in Urdu I still keep myself abreast of the local developments. My father and my uncle left India heeding the call of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA) to assist in the construction of the young nation.

My grandfather passed away in India some days later because both of his sons had left for Pakistan. My family had been resident in India for hundreds of years and considered it home hence saw no reason to migrate. They considered entire India (homeland for Muslims) and not a small carved up patch of land thousands of miles from their ancestral village.

Thousands sacrificed to gain Pakistan and then thousands (still) sacrificed lives, properties, businesses, careers to build Pakistan. My father and uncle were already educated and working in 1947 and had no reason to come to Pakistan (financially or otherwise) except for Islam. There were thousands of young men like them!

Without Islam and implementation of Sharia, Pakistan is a stupid futile concept! It is inferior to India in every material aspect and it makes no logical sense to carve up (united) India antagonise the Non-Muslims and leave the rest of Muslims (of India) to the mercy of Non-Muslims. Muslims of India have been made to defend the actions of (Muslims of Pakistan) since 1947! The tag “Ghaddar” hangs over them like a bad omen.

When you disregard the foolish boastings of Pakistani Nationalists, it’s a failed state! No matter how much pride we may take in our Nuclear weapons, we are bankrupt in almost every facet, aspect and spectrum of human development.

For the past 60 years we continue to pin our hopes on one leader after another and continue to see them as our Saviour, our Messiah and they are proven (again and again) for the Donkeys that they actually are! Sometimes they have personal agendas while very often they are merely hired Donkeys of some other power. You can substitute “Imran Khan” for “Ayub Khan”, “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto”, General Ziaul-Haq” or insert a name as you may…In a few years “Imran Khan” may be replaced with “Bilawal Bhutto” or someone else.

Pakistan at its core is ROTTEN! It is rotten with corruption, nepotism, favouritism and elitism. No “Imran Khan” can save Pakistan.

The cancer of Pakistan is hypocrisy. Muslims of India turned to Allah (SWT) and asked for a homeland where they can live by Islam and then they forgot but Allah (SWT) doesn’t forget!

The religious leadership of Pakistan (many of whom I know personally) are ethically and morally bankrupt and when general masses see their character they turn away from them in disgust and in fact some turn away from Islam. You hear loud sermons from the pulpits but when it comes to dealings these religious leaders are no different to any other ordinary Pakistan who breaks his word, late for his duties and careless about his responsibilities and always looking to make a quick buck!

I have dealt with Indians and Sri Lankans on extended basis for close to two decades and the level of corruption and carelessness is nowhere close to what it is with people of Pakistan.

I don’t believe that the country can sink any lower! The people of Pakistan need to go to war.

  1. Not against India
  2. Not against Terrorism
  3. Not against America

But against their own vices and their own shortcomings. Stop playing the blame game of blaming America, NATO, West, India, Israel, Jews whatever or whoever.

Reflect inwards and then towards Allah (SWT) and beseech Allah (SWT). STOP placing your trust in men who cannot even save themselves let alone drag a country out of doldrums, whether this man is a “Maulana” a “General” or a “Cricketer”.  Islam in Pakistan is highly divisive and sectarian and even those who are religiously inclined in Pakistan want “Maulana A” or “Maulana B” depending on their particular sect to come to power.

Go to war against ignorance (of Islam and Secular sciences) and against corruption, nepotism, favouritism and elitism OR keep chasing your tails and keep expecting “Imran Khan” or “Nawa Shareef” to solve your problems!

In the 1960's a new saviour “Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto” had arrived on the scene, guess what his gift to the country was? Losing half of the country, some are still looking to his Grandson even today to rescue them out of their dire straits.

You have tried everything else, try Allah (SWT) and his Religion! 

posted by Muadh_Khan on 1st September 2014 - 3 comments


sister in Islam wrote on 1 Sep 2014
Sadly, a very true blog.

We are so blinded that we look for help in the creation and not the Creator.
Usman Khan wrote on 2 Sep 2014
Have to agree the issue is not just corrupt leaders but corruption in society itself.
mehnaz miraj wrote on 4 Sep 2014
So true.

Yet, this applies to all Muslim countries. They are a mess.
Individuals have to seek guidance from Allah swt. There are no short term solutions. It can change overnight if and only if as you write Pakistanis go to war. Not civil war but a through cleansing. A spiritual cleansing. A jihad. No blood needs to be shed. A day of dua and prayer. Not a sound outside of beseeching the Mercy of Allah swt. A day of fasting for the entire world.
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