Islamic State (IS): Hate, Brutality, Oppression & Mayhem

29th August 2014


The emergence of ISIS in Iraq & Syria took many by surprise. The declaration of Islamic Caliphate (IS) for many during Ramadhan 1435 (around 29th of June 2014) was equally unexpected, yet nostalgic. Generations of Muslims around the world having grown up without a caliphate were euphoric and joyous not knowing the background and emergence of this group. The euphoria even affected seasoned Scholars such as Shaykh Salman Husaini Nadwi (HA) who issued fairly positive messages of good will towards IS.

As we collate various opinions on ISIL (ISIS and now IS), the PR mask has slipped and the fangs are visible for all to witness. It is our hope that by collecting together the opinions of various Islamic Scholars and experts on IS the naïve amongst us would wake up and realise this brutal, hateful group for what it is.

The reality of this group can be summed up by the following well known English saying:

All that glitters is not gold!

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posted by Muadh_Khan on 29th August 2014 - 8 comments


numan wrote on 29 Aug 2014
assalamualykum brother,

how do we know all the negetive news is correct? Moulana Salam Nadwi sahib knows politics fairly well. just saying
Blogger's Reply:

Multiple Ulama from around the world have ruled on the matter as seen above. How do you that your views (if opposite) are against and they are all wrong? Just saying...
Numan wrote on 30 Aug 2014

I have seen many Shia Ulema and many shia call them names. I would like to see some credible Ulema take a stand i am some have but i have not seen any
Blogger's Reply:
Don't understand what you are talking about...
slave of Allah wrote on 31 Aug 2014

im not a supporter of IS but at same time i think we should be careful of making any judgements. lets me honest everything we know about this is mostly from kuffar sources ( who are hardly worth even listing to). its best to make dua ' if they are on haqq Allah assist and if they are batil and the accusations are true Allah destroy them' I dont to sound like im bashing ulema but of all the ulema mention on the article only shaykh maqdisi (HA) holds any weight in my eye as he is a scholar dedicated his life to jihad whereas the others also seem to issue silly fatwas in support of their apostate regimes. Also shaykh abu qatadah (HA) has refuted IS which is another scholar who holds weight but the rest regardless how much knowledge they have do not really matter to me as they havent even spent a second in the field.

Finally a khalifa being good or bad is not a criteria, yazeed was a calif but hardly a good guy and we had few other dodgy once in our history. We will never unite on a calif except if its al mahdi. deobandis braelwis salafis will all reject everyone unless its their own. Mullah Omar (HA) is closes we have to an ameer and alhamdulullah he does have backing and support from ulema of different sects and nationalities.

PS light revelations has alot of info on IS which seem to portray them as good guys and the locals supporting the,
numan wrote on 1 Sep 2014
assalamualykum brother,

how do we know all the negetive news is correct? Moulana Salam Nadwi sahib knows politics fairly well. just saying
Blogger's Reply:
These negative views are being verified and confirmed by Scholars and you are also confirming that Shaykh (Maulana) Suleiman Nadwi (HA) knows politics fairly well.
abu yahya wrote on 2 Sep 2014
assalaamu alaikum

I have been thinking. When the "true, real, genuine" Khilafah is established will the West be happy and approve of it? Will the West recognise it or label it as a terrorist movement? What about the "Muslim" leaders? Will they approve of it, support it?

Serious questions to consider.

"What IF" the IS is a "real, genuine" Khilafah?
Blogger's Reply:
W-Salam, Its a hypothetical question for the time being because based on history and present analysis IS isn't the real deal.
abu yahya wrote on 2 Sep 2014
I am interested to know what is this "history and present analysis" that proves inconclusively that the IS is not the "real deal"?

Blogger's Reply:
There is enough information and reports about their actions which excludes them from being the real deal.
abu yahya wrote on 2 Sep 2014
Are you saying that Ulama should be verifying if news/media reports are correct or now?

Blogger's Reply:
Many of these Ulama have local on the ground information and don't need news/media reports.
AiMeCee wrote on 2 Sep 2014
As-salâmu 'alaykum,

Judging by all those people in the community who have the same reaction as above, e.g : how can we know all their reported mistakes are true...it's definitively a needed contribution. What some brothers failed to understand, the problems with IS has little to do with how the western media reports but more with what scholars and believers in Syria and Irak have reported about them, their mistakes, and their extreme views.
At the same time, we must be just and not accused them of things from which they are free.

May Allah makes it easy for the believers in Syria and Irak and helps them against their ennemies.
wAllâhu A'lam.
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