I seek forgivess from everyone...

12th June 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today will be the 15th of night of Sha'baan in UK and I seek genuine and sincere forgiveness (Insha’Allah) from anyone and everybody  whom I have hurt in any way or capacity.

Even the greatest of humans have erred and I am a nobody so make dua that Allah (SWT) gives me Hidayah, my family and all of believing Muslims (Ameen).

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posted by Muadh_Khan on 12th June 2014 - 4 comments


Zakir wrote on 12 Jun 2014
ummi taalib wrote on 12 Jun 2014
Wa'alaykumus salaam warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

Hopefully this will not be deleted before being read. If I'm included in the above then Alhamdulillaah I have always been able to forgive easily. I too beg forgiveness for all hurt I have caused to yourself and everyone else at MS and everywhere else in any way or capacity.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say (and you will probably not believe it) I have never, now or in the past, had hatred for you as Alhamdulillah this is one thing Allah ta'ala has always safeguarded me from.

Allah ta'ala grant barakah and acceptance to each and every one of us and make this Ramadhaan a means of attaining forgiveness and His closeness, aameen.

Requesting Du'as in the coming blessed days and nights from everyone

Blogger's Reply:
W-Salam Aapa, And request for your duas and seeking your forgiveness too.
akaabir wrote on 12 Jun 2014
Mere apology is insufficient without changing your ways. You hurt alot of people with you attitude but you dont realize it. Sincerely reflect upon what you are doing. It might become a liability for you at the time of your death!!!

Appreciate what im saying dont take it as any personal hatred.
Blogger's Reply:
Insha'Allah I do and also make dua for my Hiadayah.
ibnsuleman wrote on 13 Jun 2014
Very true,we all err and greatness is pardoning and to seek pardon.Here I am seeking your pardon too and pardoning all who hurt me
Blogger's Reply:
Same from you. Jzk
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