Dr Mohamed Beltagy (HA): A Proud Muslim standing for Islam!

11th June 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuh

Dr Mohamed Beltagy (HA) in an Egyptian (Ikhwan) politican who supported President (Hafidh of Qur'aan) Mohamed Morsi.

Dr Mohamed Beltagy (HA) was onboard the MV Mavi Marmara which was attacked by Israel while trying to provide food to Palestinians in Gaza.

  1. Dr Mohamed Beltagy (HA) was arrested on 29th of August 2013
  2. On 29 October 2013, a three-judge panel at Cairo Criminal Court stepped down from the proceedings
  3. On 7 December 2013, Cairo's Criminal Court refused to return a verdict
  4. On 11 December 2013, a second panel of judges withdrew from the trial

Why? This is what Dr Mohamed Beltagy (HA) said in front of the judges.

In pre-medicine at the National level my position was the 6th in the nation. In MBBS (medicine) I topped the nation every year and then after graduation I was counted as the top physicians in my country. I also taught at Jamia Al-Azhar faculty of medicine. I setup a clinic in my supervision which was counted as one of the best (and most professional) in the entire country.

Then in a space of 2 months in 25 Governorates of my country, 25 (extreme) cases were registered against me. The cases made me look like that I am not one of the top physicians of my country but head of Mafia! You people burned my clinic down. My daughter at the college was murdered! My son has been arrested and sent to Jail. Security forces are hunting down my wife all over the country.

But Honourable Judge, do you think that I am here in your court dressed in this (prisoner outfit) to defend myself?

I swear by Allah (SWT) that to hang by my neck or to be exonerated is all the same to me!

But Honourable Judge, I am here to inform the next generation of Ummah of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) as to who stood with Haqq and who stood for Baatil.

Dr Mohamed Beltagy (HA) also wrote a letter to his Shaheed (daughter) 17 year old Asma Beltagy (RA) who was SHOT, letter is as follows:

You can watch her Shahada here

My beloved daughter and dignified teacher Asma al-Beltaji; I do not say goodbye to you; I say tomorrow we shall meet again.

You have lived with your head held high, rebellious against tyranny and shackles and loving freedom. You have lived as a silent seeker of new horizons to rebuild this nation to assume its place among civilizations.

You never occupied yourself with what preoccupies those of your age. Even though traditional studies failed to fulfil your aspirations and interest; you have always been the first in your class.

I have not had enough of your precious company in this short life, especially that my time did not allow me to enjoy your companionship. The last time we sat together at Rabaa Al Adawiya square you asked me "even when you are with us you are busy" and I told you "it seems that this life will not be enough to enjoy each other's company so I pray to God that we enjoy our companionship in paradise."

Two nights before you were murdered I saw you in my dream in a white wedding dress and you were an icon of beauty. When you lay next to me I asked you "Is it your wedding night?" You answered, "It is in the noon not the evening". When they told me you were murdered on Wednesday afternoon I understood what you meant and I knew God had accepted your soul as a martyr. You strengthened my belief that we are on the truth and our enemy is on falsehood.

It caused me severe pain not to be at your last farewell and see you for the last time; not to kiss your forehead; and not be honoured to lead your funeral prayer. I swear to God, my darling I was not afraid for my life or from an unjust prison, but I wanted to carry the message you scarified your soul for; to complete the revolution, to win and achieve its objectives.

Your soul has been elevated with your head held high resisting the tyrants. The treacherous bullets have hit you in the chest. What spectacularly determined and pure soul. I am confident that you were honest to God and He has chosen you among us to honour you with sacrifice.

Finally, my beloved daughter and dignified teacher:

I do not say goodbye, but I say farewell. We shall meet soon with our beloved Prophet and his companions in Heaven where our wish to enjoy each other's company and our loved ones' company will come true.

The president of Turkey broke down and cried when this letter was read in a live Broadcast!

Acknowledgment: This matter was brought to my attention in the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat WhatsApp group as I was not previously aware of it. May Allah (SWT) give the best of rewards to the Brother in this world and the next (Ameen).

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