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5th June 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Although this issue is now resolved, let me just remind our readers how rigorous scientific testing actually works. One of the fundamental aspects of any credible scientific testing or study is REPEATIBILITY, let me explain.

If my blood group is B + then you can take my blood to any blood bank in the world test it and it should report the group to be B+. The findings must be repeatable and if you are unable to consistently arrive at the same result or if some of the labs report a different finding then it’s a problem either in your testing method or methodology. Its as simple as that for a laymen to understand.

Then let’s take this testing concept a bit further. Suppose I take the blood of 25 readers of this blog and send the blood (marked only with numbers 1-25) and let’s suppose that 3 of the readers are B + and those samples are marked as Sample 5, 19 and 25 respectively then all blood banks should report consistent findings. Again if the reports are inconsistent or one blood bank reports differently then we need to start looking at errors in the method or methodology.


Pork-laced Chocolates:

Lets say that I bought a random bar of Choclate and tested it to be laced with Procine (pork) DNA, using the same scenario I should be able to send a sample to any lab and they should be able send it to any lab and consistently achieve the same results. If only one lab reports Procine (pork) DNA but other labs don’t OR I am unable to consistently or repeatedly demonstrate the same results then there is a problem!

Random Testing:

In order to be certain I would want to walk into a Chocolate factory and randomly test any chocolate from anywhere and anytime in the manufacturing process, not only that I would insist on testing it in my lab and ensure that it is tested elsewhere and no contamination is found and I would want my tests to be repeatable.

Cadbury Malaysia and the specific issue:

On Friday, 23 May 2014, posts on social media revealed that two variants of Cadbury chocolates – Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut 175g (with batch number 200813M01H I2 that expires on November 13, 2014) and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond 175g (with batch number 221013N01R I1 that expires on Jan 15, 2015) – analysed by the Ministry of Health tested positive for traces of porcine DNA.

The test results or the samples (to be retested) were NEVER officially released.  The very next day on the 46th of May 2014 Cadbury Malaysia voluntarily recalled all chocolates of those batch numbers (without any confirmation of them being laced)

On the 26th of May 2014 Cadbury Malaysia opened its factory at Shah Alam to Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for random testing of both variants of the choclate.

On the 2nd of June 2014 Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM)  confirmed that no traces of Procine (pork) DNA or any other Haram ingredients have been found at all.

Financial impact of the scandal?

Cadbury Chocolates are in the business to make money; it’s as simple as that! Ask yourself as to why in the world would a company randomly lace its products with the most disgusted and hated ingredient to over a quarter of the world population and risk losing business to not only Muslims but anybody else who will doubt the authenticity (and health and safety aspects of) the product?

Cadbury cannot afford a PR disaster so they will pull all stops to ensure that they see the back of this scandal as soon as possible because it impedes its aim of making money.

Ask any small restaurant owner if its advantageous or disadvantageous for their customers to begin to doubt the ingredients in their food products? What will be the impact on their business? Now multiply this many times over!

Why o why would they do lace their choclates with pork?

Eating Haram unknowingly?

Imagine that despite your due diligence you make a mistake and ingested something Haram? What is the Shariah ruling on the matter?

Its a mistake, make sincere Istighfaar and be ever more cautious.

Conspiracy Theories?

The issue of Procine (pork) DNA laced choclates in Malaysia was Never proven yet some of our innocent Brothers and Sisters had a knee jerk reaction to the first news (broken on Social Media) and now the issue has been resolved by Ulama of Malaysia conclusively stating that there is NOTHING to worry about.

Even conspiracy theories need to have some basis:

  1. Do you place your trust in Facebook?
  2. Do you place your trust in Ulama who have dedicated their lives to ensuring that believers eat Halal?

Do you trust?

  1. Random face book postings?
  2. OR reputable Ulama who can be traced back to exactly who issued which rulings, when and how?

To me this isn't even an issue! Why would I take my Deen from face book? Surely I need to take my Deen from Ulama who are there, contactable and standing by their words. But you need to decide for yourself do you take your Deen from Social media of Ulama???


Jumping to conclusions?

Please remember that I haven’t said anywhere that eating Halal is a “Non-Issue” rather I have said that particular incident is a “Non-Issue”. Earning and consuming Halal is of paramount importance. Although the distinction should have been obvious but I would like to specifically point out the difference before people jump to conclusions.

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posted by Muadh_Khan on 5th June 2014 - 8 comments


Akaabir wrote on 5 Jun 2014
Simple way to establish your point would be to take qasam of talaq that cadbury has never ever used pork dna in their products because they have motive behind such an act.
Blogger's Reply:
Proof from the Qur'aan and Sunnah that the method to discuss issues is to take Qasam of Talaq on an issue?
Akaabir wrote on 6 Jun 2014
Ask yourself as to why in the world would a company randomly lace its products with the most disgusted and hated ingredient to over a quarter of the world population 

Its not that difficult to understand why they would do that. I dont understand how can someone be so naive and ask that question.
Blogger's Reply:
There is no answer in this comment just insult.
AiMeCee wrote on 9 Jun 2014
May Allah reward you for remembering some simple facts.
Blogger's Reply:
sister in islam wrote on 9 Jun 2014
Cadburys blog, about chocolate right?
Kasam? Talaq? Completely off topic!
Ridiculous comments.
zain wrote on 12 Jun 2014

Chocolate maker Cadbury has recalled two products in mainly Muslim Malaysia after traces of pig DNA were found during a routine check for non-halal substances.

"Cadbury has voluntarily removed two of its products from the shelves," said the Malaysian health minister, S Subramaniam.

The tests were conducted by the ministry which over the weekend announced that two Cadbury products contained pork traces.

Chocolate products are popular in Malaysia and can be found in most shops nationwide.
Pork and its byproducts are not considered halal – permissible – and are forbidden for Muslims to consume, along with alcohol and meat from animals not slaughtered according to Islamic procedures.

Cadbury Malaysia, a part of the British multinational owned by Mondelez International, said it was withdrawing the Cadbury Dairy Milk hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk roast almond products.

"Ensuring that all our products made here in Malaysia are halal is something we take very seriously," it said in a Facebook posting.

Anger among Muslims is mounting, with one senior religious official calling for a hefty fine or a shutdown of the Malaysian plant.

Syaikh Ismail Muhammad, the grand imam of the national mosque in Kuala Lumpur, was quoted by the Bernama news agency as saying tough action would serve as a lesson to other food producers to ensure their products were halal.

Subramaniam said Cadbury was working with Islamic religious authorities by sharing samples to test for non-halal ingredients. "We want to know how the product became contaminated with pig DNA. The health ministry will also do additional tests," he said.

Cadbury is the world's second largest confectionery brand after Wrigley's.
Blogger's Reply:
Cadbury voluntarily withdrew the two batches before anything was proven. Please research, read and think before writing.
zain wrote on 12 Jun 2014
the fact that even one test found porcine dna is enough to tell any sincere Muslim that he/she should abstain.

the fact that one test proved the presence of prok is enough for any true muslim not to trust cadbury and also not to trust halal certifiers.
Blogger's Reply:
Again let me correct you for the 2nd time ***The results/report/findings of the report have NEVER been made public***
zain wrote on 15 Jun 2014
y dont you write to them to send you the findings of the report?

2. if it was false, then why is cadbury not denying the report of the pork?

3. if the report is false, then simply deny the report. the fact that they went for more tests show that they trying to disprove a test whcih they are unable to deny.

4. even if its not made public, it does not mean that it is false.
Blogger's Reply:
Write to whom???
zain wrote on 15 Jun 2014
did the majlis take its view from facebook?
Blogger's Reply:
I have no idea Brother.
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