BJP, Indian Elections and Muslims 101

14th May 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

We have just witnessed the conclusion of elections in India and poised to hear the results and the winner within the next 48 hours.

Many of the Muslims in the west neither understand the politics of India nor the repercussions on Indian Muslims who demographically make India the 3rd largest country with Muslim population. In the 2014 elections BJP has emerged as a dominant force, whether it wins and forms the next Government only the future will tell. BJP is the political wing of RSS which is a right wing Hindu Nationalist paramilitary organisation. RSS was the party which organised the demolition of Babri Masjid.

The purpose of this short blog is to make Muslims (outside of India) aware of the views of BJP towards Islam and Muslims.

Dr Subramanian Swamy (PhD) merged his Janata party into the BJP in August 2013 and is widely tipped to become the next Finance minister of India (in case of BJP win in Indian elections). Here is a short excerpt from his Interview on Indian TV, the full Interview is truly an eye opener, consider these views expressed as a trailer

Youtube Recording of the Interview (Hindi)

Rahul Kanwal: Tell me something? What is a Hindu Nationalist? You can say that I am a Nationalist, I am a Patriot and what is the point of Nirendra Modi (candidate for PM) stating that I am a Hindu Nationalist?

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  First you need to look at the question! He was asked are you a Hindu Nationalist so he said that he is a Nationalist and he is a Hindu so in that sense (it can be derived that) he is a Hindu Nationalist. Nirendra Modi should have known that you (Media) people play on words but what he said that he was a "Hindu" and a "Nationalist"

Rahul Kanwal: We don't play with words, he could have said that I am a Nationalist, a Patriot, Indian first. Sachin Tendulkar said that I am a Maharashtrian second and an Indian first

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  So? I go and say in (my) state of Tamil Nadu that I am an Indian first and from Tamil Nadu (second).

Rahul Kanwal: So why wouldn't we say that?

Dr Subramanian SwamyNirendra Modi was when asked replied that I am a Hindu and a Nationalist and if that is "Hindu Nationalist" then I am! This doesn't mean that only a Hindu can be a Nationalist. We even say that any Muslim who recognises that his (origin) is Hindu and we are ready to embrace them (in this way) and when it comes to Muslims, I would like to state that, today:

  1. Shias are with us and others
  2. Qadiyanees are with us
  3. Barelwees are with us

So you can't say that "Muslims" because Muslims have division (within them)

Rahul Kanwal: You would like division amongst Muslims but what you say is unproven! There is no proof anywhere for this division (amongst) Muslims.

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  You will see the proof in the results

Rahul Kanwal: You would like this...

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  I will give you the proof. Look at the local elections in Gujarat

Rahul Kanwal: That's because there is a danger if they don't vote (for you) then there will no development, power lines won't be extended

Dr Subramanian SwamyThat will happen (everywhere)

Rahul Kanwal: There is a difference between Gujrat and UP, Bihar (other states of India)

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  This will happen everywhere, UPA (present) Government will lose the elections , the environment will be turned in such a way

Rahul Kanwal: Ok so the situation will be turned such...

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  When Hindus begin to feel that they will be protected (against Muslims) and congress (present Government) will give us to Pakistan

Rahul Kanwal: So your strategy is Hindu vote bank should be united and Muslim vote bank divided!

Dr Subramanian SwamyDivided! Absolutely

Rahul Kanwal: So this is the strategy (car) which Swamy (you) and Nirendra Modi (candidate for PM) are riding. We don't know if you are driving or he is driving

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  I don't know about Nirendra Modi (candidate for PM) [yet] but this is what I feel

Rahul Kanwal: This sort of politics is dangerous

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  Dangerous? We (Hindus) are 80% of the population so how can this be dangerous? And out of 14% of Muslims, 7% come with us, how is this dangerous?

Rahul Kanwal: Well at least your views are not hidden and you are expressing (your views) on open Camera

Dr Subramanian Swamy Ofcourse and absolutely!

Rahul Kanwal: If the Indian public like your views or not, is a different story

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  Yes we will see...

Rahul Kanwal: It appears that you are braced for fight in this match.

Dr Subramanian Swamy:  Yes we are ready...

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posted by Muadh_Khan on 14th May 2014 - 3 comments


ibnsuleman wrote on 15 May 2014
In one of his interviews,he said qadianis and shias from Pakistan are with BJP.
Bob Maren wrote on 16 May 2014
India is a Hindu nation, muslims are a MINORITY in India. Deal with it, muslims can't have control of the whole world (as much as they'd like that) it ain't going to happen.....the world is for EVERYONE , not just muslims.
Blogger's Reply:
Agreed and Muslims are part of the world and part of "everyone".
Yusuf Al Italy wrote on 7 Jun 2014
AsSalamu `alaykum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu,

brother may you clarify why on the net I found out that Deobandi `Ulama supported this party??
Blogger's Reply:
W-Salam, There have been many rumors and Ulama have corrected these rumors again and again but which specific Alim are you referring to.
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