My first meeting with Shaykh (Colonel) Ameerud-deen (RA)

16th March 2014

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Shaykh (Colonel) Ameerud-deen Saheb (RA) needs no introduction and I won’t insult anyone with trying to introduce him.

I was young and on active duty in military and we were preparing for an Ijtema. I had spent some time in Tableegh but due to military regulations I was clean shaven with no beard. Colonel Ameerud-deen (RA) was flying in from Canada and we were told by all senior workers of America to be on guard and to be on our best behaviour.

All day I had heard stories after stories so I was beginning to think that if even 20% of what I am being told is true this man must be a legend.

Colonel Saheb (RA) arrived at our local Masjid at 19:25, I still remember because I was so looking forward to it that when I heard the car outside I looked up at the huge clock in the Masjid.

Our Ameer Saheb went forward to meet and welcome him. While walking to the Masjid he met 3 people whom our Ameer Saheb introduced him to:

  1. A local Pakistani business who had stayed in the Masjid for days to prepare for the Ijtema
  2. An India businessman who had stayed in the Masjid for days to prepare for the Ijtema
  3. Me

All 3 of us were clean-shaven.

After meeting us Colonel Saheb (RA) calmly turned to our Ameer Saheb and said, “Are you your local Tableeghees clean shaven”.

After Esha there was a short Bayan and then soon thereafter everyone started to go to sleep. I had decided to spy on him.

  1. Colonel Saheb (RA) did Wudhu and then came back
  2. He calmly and neatly folded his Amamah (Turban)
  3. He calmly put Surma (At’r) in his eyes
  4. He read dua and made some Adhkaar and then went to sleep on the right
  5. He got up for Tahajjud and put on a Topi and went out for Toilet/Wudhu
  6. He came back and tied his Amamah (Turban) in pitch darkness perfectly
  7. He started his Salah (I went to sleep at some point)
  8. He got up in the morning and with the same calmness put on a Topi and went out for Toilet/Wudhu
  9. He came back and tied his Amamah (Turban) without a mirror perfectly
  10. He folded his sleeping bag and belongings perfectly

After Fajar Colonel Saheb had a Bayan and we had breakfast. I had to go to work so I came back about mid-day and Ameer Saheb assigned me some task for which I had to conduct Mushwara.

I had come back into the Masjid and started Mushwara, I had no Topi on. Colonel Saheb (RA) chastised me and said, “And who will cover the head?” I immediately put the hoody of my jacket on. Colonel Saheb (RA) turned away in disgust at me and said, “If this is the state of military discipline, what will civilians do”?

The whole day passed and I had no further contact with him. Colonel Saheb (RA) perhaps sensed that I was upset ( I wasn’t) because he had publicly chastised me so after Esha he asked me to come close to him. He then spoke to me thus:

You know, sometimes the anger of elders is for your guidance. Do you know how I got into Tableegh? I was a battalion commander as a Lieutenant Colonel in India when some of my soldiers said that there was a Maulana (*) who wanted to address the troops at Jummah and asked my permission. I agreed. The Maulana came on time and started his talk, a few minutes later I thought that his words are of value so I took my notebook and started taking notes. Maulana saw this and stopped talking. He asked me as to what I was doing so I said that I find your words to be of benefit so I am writing them so they can be repeated often. Maulana said, “You are a TRAITOR to Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and you want to make all Muslims TRAITORS”. This was said in view of the entire battalion but Maulana said it without fear and without any concern. I put the notebook away.

At night, I asked my wife to cook for the Maulana and I took some food to Maulana. I knocked on the door and he asked “Who is it?” I said, “TRAITOR to Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) who has brought the one LOYAL to Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) some food” to which Maulana replied, “Leave your food outside as I am in no need for it.

Colonel Saheb (HA) said that you know about military life and prestige of a Battalion commander and those who used to come to address the Muslims troops used to wait outside my office to shake hands with me and couldn’t make eye contact.

This “Maulana” was so courageous that he had no fear and he turned my heart inside out. His anger and public chastisement opened the doors of guidance for me.  

(*) I believe that this was Maulana Naved (RA) of Nizamuddin Markaz!

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Jinn wrote on 17 Mar 2014

Jazakala for posting this akhii, a part of me does wish that there be more :p
kanzoorbhai wrote on 7 Jan 2015
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