Maulana Tariq Jameel (HA) & concerns of Pakistani Ulamah

14th August 2013

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh,

Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) came to our Masjid in America almost 20 years ago and due to severe headache and vomiting couldn’t give a Bayan so I was unable to listen to any of the talks of an up and coming young Tableeghi Maulana.

A few months later I was Taskhleed to go 40 days but the Jamaat had no car. A Dr friend of Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) gave me the keys of his car at his request and I was the driver of the Jamaat during my entire 40 days. Again, I kept missing Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) but he kept a special eye on our Jamaat and me (for some reason) as I kept getting special instructions passed along my 40 days. Over the next few years I kept missing him in USA and only met him in the Masjid of Nabi Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam where he did recognise me but couldn’t place me as to where he had met me.

So my encounters with Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) go way back before most people had even known him and from close encounters I always felt uncomfortable with some of his opinions from day one but I am a nobody so for close to 20 years I haven’t listened to many of his Bayans simply because it’s not my cup of tea, to be honest but no technical reasons just personal taste.  I am aware of many of the narrations and quotations which we produce in his Bayans which may be on the weaker side but as per the opinion of the Ulamah that is permissible in issues of Fadhail.

For the first time day, I have come across this detailed analysis of Maulana (HA)’s position which was presented to no less of a Giant of Deobandees Shaykh (Maulana) Sarfarz Khan Safdar (RA) during his last days. Hazrat was too ill to read it himself so he ordered the manuscript to be sent to Shaykh (Maulana) Abdul Haq Khan Basheer (HA)  for thorough analysis and subsequently to forward it to Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA). The review was completed by Shaykh (Maulana) Abdul Haq Khan Basheer (HA) and read it in its entirety to Shaykh (Maulana) Sarfarz Khan Safdar (RA) before his passing away and then sent to (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) with his permission.

The booklet also contains acknowledgements and endorsements from many Ulamah and darul-ulooms around the country.

I know that this will go down like a lead balloon and taken as yet another attack on Tableeghi Jamaat so I won’t bother translating or summarising the booklet as people should read it themselves and consult their own Ulamah.

The pedigree, status and proficiency of Ulamah who have written it is beyond doubt.

Read the book here

Resolution 08 of June 2014:

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Part 1 about Shias NOT being Kaafir:

This is a detailed thread with analysis and factual data regarding the controversy surrounding Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) of Tableeghi Jamaat.

We neither say that any human (including us) is perfect nor do we claim that this analysis is perfect and people have the right to disagree. However we do request that people disagree with respect, dignity and above all fairness and justice and in the light of evidence.


Years ago (around 2008/2009) Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) gave a Bayan in which he claimed a number of things which he claimed to have read from the Fatwaas of our Akabir:

  1. If someone calls our (Deobandi) Akabir Kaafir then this person doesn't automatically become a Kaafir
  2. If someone calls a Sahabi a Kaafir then this person doesn't automatically become a Kaafir
  3. If someone calls all the Sahaba Kaafir then this person doesn't automatically become a Kaafir

This speech is available far and wide and here is the exact exercpt for you to listen to:

This speech was circulated far and wide in Pakistan and some of the Ulama became irate on this issue. The Ulama took action. 

There is little doubt that in the enthusiasm of delivering a speech Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) made a mistake!


Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) made this mistake because he relied on earlier scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah who DID NOT entirely considered all of Shia Kaafirs.

Action of Ulama (First): Who Initiated the correction and retraction?

The most stringent group of Deobandees is Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan which is vehemently Anti-Shia and considers all Shias as Kaafir. Shaykh (Maulana) Ali Sher Haideri (HA) called Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) into his Madrasah and after deliberation between the two Ulama Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) admitted his error and retracted his mistake.

Shaykh (Maulana) Ali Sher Haideri (HA) showed (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA)  the commentary of Mishkaat by Mullah Ali Qari (RA) himself of Persian/Afghan descent who states that today’s (i.e. of his time) Shias are not the same of the earlier times.

(Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) accpted this error in the Darul-uloom, retracted and issued a correct statement which was endorsed by Shaykh (Maulana) Ali Sher Haideri (HA) and the issue was closed.

The exact excerpt of his retraction can be heard here where Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) talks about the error, reason and the correction.

Action of Ulama (Second):

The second group of Ulama which were vocal about Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) was Shaykh (Mufti) Zarwali Khan (RA) who is one of the Senior Deobandi Mashaykh of Pakistan.

Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) visited Darul-uloom Ahsanul-uloom (Karachi) around July 2012 and requested Shaykh (Mufti) Zarwali Khan (RA) to speak to him and all the matters were clarified. After the bayan Shaykh (Mufti) Zarwali Khan (RA) states that he hasn't been affected by a Bayan in such way for 40 years! He also clarifies (and laughs) that the Shia controversy was communicated to him by Tableeghees in a way which affected him!

The dragging of Darul-uloom Ahsanul-uloom (Karachi) into this controversy is blatantly false and disingenuous!

Part 2 Visiting Shia place of worship in Gilgit:


Gilgit is a remote mountainous region of Pakistan with roughly 300,000 inhabitants. The Muslims of this area roughly 50% Shia.

Price Kareem Aga Khan (Kaafir) has been pouring money into this disadvantaged and undeveloped area to spread Shia (Ismaili) religion and during the last 10 years this area has been plagued with violence because the Pakistani Government appointees are mostly Shia and turn a blind eye to wanton violence. Newspapers and Islamic publications have raised the point of violence in this (strategic) valley again and again and again.

Nothing has been done.

Visit to the Shia centre and talk:

Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) visited this violence hit area and went to Sunni and Shia places of worship and he gave this 8 minute Bayan at the Shia centre:

Please listen to complete 8 minutes and clearly state what he said is wrong and against Shariah?

Did Maulana (HA) pray behind Shias or in a Shia centre?

NOBODY has reported that Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) either prayed BEHIND or IN a Shia centre, what has been reported that Shia and Sunnes prayed behind him (i.e. he led the Salah).

    Lets take the worst case scenaio and say that he led a Salah in a Shia temple, does that make him a Kaafir or a deviant?

Did Maulana (HA) have pictures taken?

His trip was widely covered by Media and pictures were taken and plastered all over the media as a trip of solidarity to mend Shia/Sunni relations and to arrest the violence. 

Shaykh (Mufti) Taqi Usmani (HA) goes around the world and his pictures are taken. He doesn't have a personal photographer but because of him being who he is pictures are taken!

A large number of Ulama are of the opinion that pictures are permissable but in this case Shaykh (Maulana) Tariq Jameel (HA) didn't pose specifically with Shias his pictures are all over the media anyways! There is a video of him AT A DARUL-ULOOM where he retracted his opinion!

Did Maulana (HA) eat with the Shias?


But what did he eat? Did he have tea and Biscuits or did he enjoy Kebabs made from Shia slaughtered Sheep?


Give it a rest, people...

Part 3 Maulana Tariq Jameel (HA) describing his mistake in his own words:

The unfortunate mistake (part 1) occurred near Peshawar so Maulana (HA) said that first of all the people of Peshawar didn’t leave him (smiling) until he got the idea that he had made the mistake.

He recalls the whole incident all over again in this Bayan and this is again on an Anti-Shia Deobandi site for anyone to listen to. The last 3 minutes of the Bayan are particularly heart wrenching!

Maulana (HA) says that dishonesty is of two kinds

  1. Dishonesty with Allah (SWT)
  2. Dishonesty with people

Maulana (HA) says that I am a weak human and I have committed many dishonesties of Allah (SWT) and until I die I cannot fulfil His (SWT) rights and I continue to make Istighfaar and I still far short.

But I have never committed dishonesty of people, used Deen for personal gains or sold the Deen. Allah (SWT) had always blessed me (from Dunya perspective) and I have always had beyond my means so perhaps this is why I was spared for using Deen for personal gains.

I have 3 Khilafahs from my Akabir, No! Let me say that I have 3 Khilafahs from the TOP AKABIR in the TOP Silsilas as follows:

  1. Hazrat Raipuri (RA) was an Imam of Tassawuff and one of the last signs of that Khanqah we had Syed Nafeesul-Hussaini (RA) and I have Khilafah from him
  2. From Shaykh (Mufti) Yusuf Ludhyanwi (RA)
    1. He had Khilafah from the Silsila of Shaykh (Hazrat) Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA)
    2. He had Khilafah from the Silsila of Shaykhul-Hadeeth (Hazrat) Maulana Zakariyya Khandalwi (RA)
  3. Shaykh (Ghulam) Mohammad Saheb (RA) who had Khilafah from Hazrat Lahori (RA)

So if I wanted to connect myself to myself, I could have and I have legal/legitimate reasons (Khilafahs) from top Akabir...I SWEAR BY ALLAH I DON'T WANT TO CONNECT PEOPLE TO ME!

Whoever gets affects by me I only connect people to the work of Tableegh not to myself (personally).

O Yes! I have done dishonesty with Allah (SWT), I have deficiencies and I don't think that I will (overcome these shortcomings) until death but I have NO dishonesty with people (no dodgy dealings, no financial gains NOTHING!)

This is the Karam of my Allah (SWT) upon me.

Yusuf ibn Hussain (RA) was a well known Scholar of Hadeeth and a well known Khateeb and a Wa'iz and on his death bed he said:

O Allah! One was my relationship with you and one was my relationship with your creation (i.e. people). In our relationship I committed dishonesty and I fell short but in the relationship with your creation I was always honest and I conveyed your commandments to them (fully) and I neither asked for recompense nor reward (from them). O my Rabb! I have one dishonesty and one honesty to bring to you. I beg of you to forgive my dishonesty (towards you) at the cost of my honesty with creation.



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Flyingphtm wrote on 15 Aug 2013
Assalamualykum Bhai Muadh.

Did you Read the Book? all the Ulemas that endorsed the book are they all Deobandis?
Blogger's Reply:
W-Salam, The Ulamah who wrote and endorsed the book are Deobandees and Shaykh (Maulana) Sarfaraz Khan Safdar (RA) heard the book (due to his illness) and authorized it and he was amongst the Akabir Ulamah of Deoband so my comments don't really mean anything and that's why I didn't make any, just made people aware of it.
muhammad wrote on 16 Aug 2013
Assalam o Alaikum,

I am a muslim and not from any of the groups like deobandi/barelvi/ahle hadith/salafi etc.I am very sorry and grieved to say that muslim ummah has failed to develop a mechanism to solve the scholarly issue in scholarly manner.
why we dont take a lesson from our past mistakes. A small tree of diference of opinion happened between scholars around 1900 and now it has developed as a bitter tree of deobandi/barelvi FIGHTING. if someone is reading urdu newspaper from india, he will find in last holy month of ramzan they fought bitterly in MANY mosques of north india and in almost all instances non muslim police officers were mediator.
The leading ulema should come forward to make a supreme council to deal the situation. popular Speakers having mass appeal like dr. zakir naik,maulana tariq jameel,ibraheem green,bilal philip,meraj rabbani,ilyas ghumman, talibur rahman,tauseefur rahman,anzar shah qasmi should be supervised by a commitee. At the same time islamic bloggers also should be supervised as islamic concept of freedom of expression is not same as facebook/you tube/blogger/wordpress.
hassan sulaiman wrote on 24 Feb 2014
as salaamu alaikum
here is the latest from maulana a.s.desai on this subject


It is mentioned in the Hadith, that there are some creatures who are shayaateen (devils) in human form. They beguile the ignorant and the unwary with their glib tongue disgorging haraam and baatil coated with a deceptive ‘deeni’ veneer. One such shaitaan in human form, is the character Tariq Jameel who is causing much damage to the Tablighi Jamaat. He is an enemy from within the ranks of the Tabligh Jamaat. The sooner the Jamaat weeds him out, the better. His propagation of haraam and baatil is undermining not only the Jamaat, but Islam itself. In exposition of Tariq Jameel’s deviation, a Brother wrote:

“The following are some of the excerpts of the speech this deviate Tariq Jameel, delivered in the Central Masjid, Birmingham on 19th November 2013, and in the Baitus Salam Masjid DHA, Karachi on 15th September 2013. In these two foul speeches Tariq Jameel speaks of meeting the Indian actor, Amir Khan, and in this context he advocates baatil in the name of Tabligh. He said:

‘One of our members, Jawwad Waseem sahib who used to indulge in dramas spent four months in Jamaat .When he came to meet us, there was a Moulvi saheb with us, he was saying, “Moulana (Moulana Tariq Jameel’s teacher), this is Jawwad saheb, he used to work in dramas. Now that he spent four months in Tabligh we are telling him to quit dramas. Moulana replied, “Who will raise those who are lying there, who will raise them’. In order to anger him, he said, ‘Moulana, girls dance nude there’. Moulana replied, “They are our daughters only, our daughters.”

He said they are our daughters only. I have learned the Qur’an from this teacher. They have taught us love - to give love to people .Give love, give love. (A concept of ‘giving love’ which accommodates dalliance with nude, dancing girls is zina and prostitution – The Majlis) I met Amir Khan (the Indian actor). I didn’t tell him anything about Deen. It was just love. Still I receive his messages. (The moron is over-awed by the messages of a cinema-owner – The Majlis) He said he was never influenced by anyone. I am the one by whom he was influenced. Did I do any magic? It was just love. (It was satanistic ‘love’. – The Majlis) Give love to people. They will come close. There was no way for meeting (the Indian actor). He didn’t know me, I didn’t know him. I was not getting any opportunity to meet (him). (What is so extraordinary in meeting a cinema-owner? This character betrays his mental inferiority complex. - The Majlis) Allah sent Shahid Afridi (Pakistani cricketer) who is our cricketer. He had a friendship with the actor. I told him over phone to arrange a meeting with him. He arranged the meeting. He said that we have half an hour. I said OK. I went. He (Amir khan) was fearful that a Moulana came. He did not know what to expect. (A faasiq neither fears nor respects a bootlicking molvi who grovels at his feet. – The Majlis)

Would he say: “What you are doing is Haraam. Dancing and singing are haraam. Therefore repent otherwise hell will be your lot. He did not know what would happen. He was afraid.

As soon as I sat down, I started speaking about films. (If this bootlicking moilvi had to visit a prostitute, the first thing he would have done would have been indulgence in zina, for such indulgence finds room in his concept of deceptive ‘tableegh’. – The Majlis) After sometime I felt that from 1960 to 1972, he didn’t know the film industry as much as I knew. (He testifies to his own fisq and fujoor. – The Majlis) So he was awed by my knowledge. (Knowledge of fisq, fujoor and Satanism – The Majlis) It was the knowledge of his profession. He was amazed and tense. Sometimes Dilip Kumar was mentioned, sometimes Raj Kapoor, sometimes Mehboob saheb, and sometimes Madan Mohan. That half an hour passed like that. After half an hour, I said, “Our time is over, let us go, let us sit there at the dining table’. We went and sat there. Again the same conversation started. When all his fear had vanished and he was relaxed, 45 to 50 minutes had passed in that conversation. Then I said, “Amir bhai, you have come on Hajj, shall I tell you the Hajj of our Nabi if you permit?’ He replied, ’Yes, surely tell’. Then I spoke for one and a quarter hour, and he was sitting and listening. He didn’t move from his place. People are hungry for love, but you start giving Fatwas. I learned about Junaid Jamshed (ex-Pakistani singer) that Tablighi members don’t have food at his home because his earning is Haraam. He is very disheartened. He had just recently come into Tableegh. I had a journey ahead. We were going in Jamat. We had to go via Karachi, so I phoned him to inform him that I would be coming and that I would have food at his home. He said; “At my home?” I said, “Yes, at your home”. He again said, “At my home?” I said, “Yes, at your home”. He repeated: ’Really at my home?” I said, ‘Really at your home’. (Devouring haraam has completely disfigured this molvi’s spiritual countenance. His brains and heart are soiled and corrupted with all the haraam he consumes and in which he so much relishes. – The Majlis)

I was sitting in Raiwand when a person came and said: The owner of Mubarak cinema which was in Lahore, will be coming to Raiwand for a few days. Today he (the cinema-owner) brought something from home and gave it to someone in Raiwand. But he refused to accept it, saying that he could not eat it as his (the cinema-owner’s) earning is Haraam. The cinema-owner was really embarrassed. I said: “Make haste, and bring him to me.” When he came, I asked his name. He said: “Haroon.” I asked about his occupation. Lowering his head, he said that he had a small business. I asked about the type of business he had. He said that it was a small business. I said: Brother, at least tell me what kind of business is it.” He said: “It is a cinema” I asked: “Which cinema is it?”. He replied: “Mubarak cinema, Mubarak.” I said: “Mubarak?” He said: “Yes”. I said: “The one in which I had seen (the film) Shama Parvana’? Mubarak sahib was its owner. His photo appeared . He had died. His sad music used to be played.” (This moron molvi is Shaitaan incarnate! – The Majlis)

He (Haroon) looked at me in amazement. In this way I befriended him. When I saw him again after some time, he was spending four months (in Tableegh) and he had a big beard. People are hasty in issuing Fatwas. If someone has 100 virtues and one defect, they write off all the virtues.

When we left after the meeting of two hours, Amir Khan came down to see us off. I asked if there shall be another meeting after today? He said sure. Thereafter I received his message that he had gone to Madinah, and he apologised. I informed him that I would come to Madinah. I had been to Madinah before Hajj, so he said come on 14th. He had fixed the time from 4-6 pm for me. So Junaid, another member (Tablighi) and I went there at 4pm. At 4:15 pm our sitting with him started. From 4:15 pm to 10:15 pm, 6 hours continuously, and he did not even frown or display any sign of being bored. (We wonder what had happened to Asr, Maghrib and Isha’ – The Majlis) Then we got up, ready to leave. But he was not happy for us to leave.

Give love. Then I faced a test. Last year I was in the Ijtima of Raiwand. I received his message that his film ‘Talaash’ is being released. And that I should pray for its success. I thought: “What now?” Replying is also necessary and prayer also cannot be done. When I received the message, some 10-12 ulama were sitting before me. I asked: “Brothers, I have received this message. Give a response.” They said that this was not their field and that only I should reply. I had been thinking all the day. I didn’t understand what to reply to save me as well as answering. (Because you are a faasiq moron! What was the conundrum? What was the mystery which could not be unravelled? When public indulgence in fisq and fujoor – sitting in a cinema, praising fussaaq and fujjaar, praising evil films, dancing with nude dancing girls, etc., etc., are all valid in the wretch’s concept of ‘tableegh’, then why is praying for the success of the pornography not permissible? What is so difficult about this? – The Majlis) Then, the next day also passed. I didn’t understand anything (because your brains are fossilized with fisq and deception - The Majlis)). I was making wudhu of Asr when suddenly Allah put an idea in my heart. So I immediately texted him the message, “Amir bhai, Allah rarely gives a creative mind to someone. He doesn’t give it to everyone. This will be a great gift of Allah. In the time I had spent with you, I saw that Allah had given you a creative mind. You are a creator (of haraam, fisq and fujoor –The Majlis), and the people who are of this kind, don’t care about success and failure. They are only concerned with their work.” .Immediately I received his response. “You are right, you are right.”

(The following is a different incident). I messaged him (i.e. the Indian actor Amir Khan) that I am Tariq Jameel and am in Hong Kong. Could I call him? If I don’t get his reply, I don’t call him. Sometimes he himself calls me; sometimes he sends me a message that I could call him. So after a while he phoned that he was in Delhi. He was in a conference (with the devils – The Majlis). He had come out when he saw my message. Now he would speak to me. While speaking he said his film (Talaash) succeeded as a result of my dua. I said I had not prayed.

Brothers, distribute love. …. Pleasure is when you hold someone falling down. What is difficult in calling an evil person evil. Holding the hand of the evil person, and taking him out of the evil is the actual work.

Madrasah is the (place for) the language of Fatwa. The language of the mimbar (pulpit) is not Fatwa. The language of pulpit is persuasion, winning the hearts. If Fatwas are issued against each other from here too, then what is now happening will happen.” (End of the moron’s disgorgement of ghutha (baatil rubbish.)


Distribution of Muhabbat (love) which is integral to the Qur’aanic methodology of Da’wat and Tableegh commanded in the aayat: “Dispute with them with wisdom”, and in the aayat: “Call to the Path of your Rabb with wisdom and beautiful calling..”, never ever envisages commission of zina with a prostitute in order to please her and to entice her into joining the ladies tabligh jamaat. It (Muhabbat) does not countenance consumption of liquor with a drunkard in order to befriend him for bringing him into the path of Islaah (reformation). It does not permit the perpetration of fisq, fujoor and haraam to hook flagrant sinners into tableegh activities or to the path of moral reformation.

No one has ever disputed the method of calling people to the Path of the Deen with love and kindness, and with tender words. But, to deceive a transgressor and to minimize the major sins in which he/she indulges by casting oneself into the dregs of Satanism and flagrant sin, is deception piled on deception. It is pure Satanism. It testifies for the fact that this miserable Tariq character is firmly enmeshed in shaitaan’s tentacles. He propagates Satanism whilst labouring under the satanistic deception of his shaitaani method being valid Tableegh. His jahl-e-murakkab is indeed mind boggling.

Contrary to the averment of this moron, the mimbar in fact is the valid and best platform for the dissemination of fatwas – the fatwas of the Deen – the fatwas of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Fatwas are not meant for assignment into antiquity or for oblivion in the kutub or for wiling away the time in academic and technical hair-splitting and atom-splitting argument in Madaaris. The objective of Fatwa is amal to gain Allah’s pleasure and for Najaat (Salvation) in the Aakhirah. But for the moron with his hideous idea of ‘tableegh’ which embraces all shades of fisq, fujoor, baatil and kufr, the masaa-il of the Shariah are a past-time hobby not intended for practical implementation. His jahaalat is colossal.

To win over a person who is plodding the path of sin and baatil, it is never permissible to consume his haraam food, as this vile Tariq moron advocates and practices. If a cinema-owner or a prostitute or a gambler, etc. is engaged in discussion with a view to invite him/her to the Path of Islaah, no one advocates being rude and harsh with them. They are not to be despised. Denying them the display of good conduct is not promoted. But, participating with them in their sins or consuming their haraam food is never ever allowed in the Shariah. The moron’s brains and heart appear to be totally corrupted as a consequence of devouring the haraam gifts offered to him.

When refusing the haraam gift of a person, it is not said that the person should be humiliated or embarrassed. In privacy, the person should be politely and affectionately explained. Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar is Waajib, and this obligation can be discharged beautifully with muhabbat.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not participate in the shirk and idolatry of his kinsmen in order to entice them to the Tauheed of Islam. He was commanded by Allah Ta’ala to proclaim the Haqq without the slightest ambiguity. Words may not be minced. It is haraam to speak with a forked tongue thereby casting the audience into doubt, uncertainly and even dhalaal (deviation). The Haqq is crystal clear. It may not be contaminated with the darkness of the bestial nafs and the deceptive methods of ‘tableegh’ which Shaitaan inspires into the clogged brains of the likes of the Tariq Jameel character.

The Ummah is not in need of deviate morons such as Tariq Jameel to teach Muslims his rubbish methods of satanic propagation. There is a wealth of guidance and a plethora of examples in the glittering Ways of our Akaabir Auliya and Ulama who had practically demonstrated the Qur’aanic methodology of calling to Islaah with Beautiful Aquittal. Once Hadhrat Ibraahim Bin Adham (rahmatullah alayh) passed by a man who laid sprawling on the ground. Foam was gushing from his mouth. He bent down to inspect. The man was ‘dead’ drunk. Overcome with grief, Hadhrat Ibn Adham with his handkerchief wiped the foam from the mouth of the drunkard. Whilst wiping, he sadly said: “Allah Ta’ala has bestowed the bounty of the tongue for His Thikr.” After wiping the foam from the man’s mouth, Hadhrat Ibn Adham departed. That night, in a dream he sees a Vision of Allah Ta’ala exclaiming: “O Ibraahim! For My Sake, you cleaned his mouth. Now, for your sake, I have cleansed his heart.” When the drunkard had sobered up, people who had witnessed the episode, informed him. Hadhrat Ibraahim’s statement struck a responsive chord in his heart. He hastened to the Shaikh, made taubah, took bay’t and joined the Jamaat of the Sufiya.

To achieve this objective of Islaah, Hadhrat Ibraahim (rahmatullah alayh) did not consume liquor. He did not have to beat about the bush and convey the idea that liquor is halaal as Tariq Jameel had created the satanic idea of haraam food and haraam earnings being halaal, and of music and cinema being halaal. Regardless of the moron’s intention, his ostensible acquittal is kufr for he, by his practical action, traded the idea that music, haraam food and the fisq and fujoor of the cinema-owner are all halaal. He should renew his Imaan and also his Nikah.

Beautiful Preaching never means forked-tongued ‘tableegh’ which leaves a man to flounder in the zulmat (darkness) of jahaalat. “Giving love” of which he pretends to be having a monopoly, must never compromise the clear and glittering Haqq of Allah’s Shariah. Consorting with baatil is not Mauizah Hasanah (Beautiful Preaching). On the contrary, it is Satanism. It is talbees-e-iblees.

Conveying the vile notion of nude dancing girls being acceptable in Islam, speaks volumes for this man’s deviation from Siraatul Mustaqeem. He lacks the ability of distinguishing between left and right, hence he is capable of uttering such blasphemous rubbish. Falling head over heels to curry favour with a wealthy cinema-owner bears testimony to this man’s greed for the dunya. He further suffers from gross mental inferiority. Did he ever search for a faqeer in some squatter camp or someone sleeping in the streets for his tableegh? But he went out of his way to gain the favour of a faasiq of wealth. His efforts in this direction are tantamount to bootlegging and bootlicking. Under guise of tableegh he pursues the dunya. Thus, coming within the purview of the Hadith: “With the amal of the Aakhirah, they will pursue the dunya.” This is among the Signs of Qiyaamah. He bootlicks the wealthy fussaaq while ignoring the poor fussaaq. He accords obsequious attention to the wealthy fussaaq. But for the poor who are surrounding him, he has a different approach and treatment. A scholar at the door of the wealthy is indeed a vile character.

This vile character proudly displays his knowledge about haraam films. He excelled even the cinema-owner in this haraam science of fisq and fujoor. And, he is proud of it. His concept of love and tableegh requires the lauding of praise on fussaaq and fujjaar actors, prostitutes and scoundrels in direct conflict with the Ahaadith. Invite the sinners to the Path of Islaah without making a hash of the Deen. The ‘give love’ concept of Tariq Jameel is a lot of hogwash.

“Moving for four months in jamaat”, is not a halaalizer of haraam food. For the sake of enticing a man into four months, haraam food does not become halaal. It is the abundant consumption of haraam food which has corroded the thinking process of this moron ‘tablighi’.

When an ignoramus requests that dua should be made for the success of his zina, fisq and fujoor, there is no need to wait for kashf (divine inspiration) for understanding what the response should be. But, this moron was in a quandary for a couple of days when he was requested by the cinema-owner to make dua for the success of his zina film. He had to hallucinate some weird response which he attributes to divine inspiration for placating the cinema-owner. His fossilized brain failed to understand the simple logical command of Amr Bil Ma’roof to be beautifully acquitted. A response which further solidifies the haraam indulgence of the cinema-owner is a satanic response.

This utterly shameless, impostor molvi proudly advertises that he had “watched the sharma parvana film” He furthermore praises the haraam photo and the haraam music which the moron describes as ‘sad music’. What kind of devilish ‘tablighi’ is this mudhil (one who deviates others from Siraatul Mustaqeem). Regarding such vile specimens of deceit and misguidance, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah mudhilleen.” So-called scholars who mislead people are among these ‘aimmah’ for whom Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed fear.

Uttering a blatant lie, Tariq Jameel said: “If someone has a 100 virtues and one defect, they write off all.” From whence did he suck out this blatant falsehood. He should cite specific examples to bolster his baseless contention. If one abstains from eating the haraam food of a cinema-owner, it does not follow therefrom that he has been written off and consigned to Jahannum. If people do not associate with a prostitute, it does not follow that she has been condemned to Jahannam. Dissociation from flagrant sinners is a Shar’i command. Such dissociation is not necessarily the effect of pride. The flagrant sinner is not being despised when he/she is ostracized. We say ‘flagrant’ because everyone is a sinner. But there is a vast difference between those whose sins are hidden, and those who display blatant disregard for Allah’s commands. They recklessly sin and rebel against Allah Ta’ala in public. They advertise their villainy. They are proud to display and promote their fisq and fujoor.

If a faasiq comes forward and expresses the desire to enter into the Path of Taubah and Islaah, no one will despise him/her. On the contrary, he/she will be welcomed. Yes, a moron mudhil has to be written off for safeguarding the Imaan and Akhlaaq of Muslims.

No one objects to ‘holding the hand of the evil person and taking him out of his evil’. The episode of Hadhrat Ibraahim (rahmatullah alayh) mentioned earlier, adequately portrays the Tareeqah of our Tableegh. The objection is directed at the one like this moron who indulges in the evil of the one who is trapped in evil. He indulges in the evil with the ludicrous and haraam justification of ‘tableegh’. He participates in the fisq and fujoor of the person whom he supposedly invites towards virtue. It is his participation which is abhorrent, haraam and objectionable, not his ‘holding the hand of the evil person’.

Muslims should beware of this fake ‘muballigh’. He is a threat for Imaan. He is a halaalizer of haraam. With his forked tongue he seeks to deviate people to take the path of Jahannam. It is not permissible to listen to his lectures. His speeches are ‘zukhruful qaul’ (satanically adorned speech) according to the Qur’aan Majeed.

Q. I think you heard about Maulana Tariq Jameel of the Tabligh Jamaat. He went to a Shiah Masjid and prayed there, ate food with them and took pictures with them. Then he invited them to the Tabligh Ijtima and some came. He says that they are not kaafir. He also says some negative things about the Sahaabah who were not of the Ahl-e-Bait. My Shaikhul Hadith (in Pakistan) is ready to issue the fatwa of kufr on Maulana

Tariq Jameel. Please comment.

A. We do not know who this chap Tariq Jameel is. However, we have been hearing lately of his vile and haraam antics. If what you have attributed to this character is correct, then undoubtedly, he is a bedfellow of the kuffaar Shiahs. When your Shaikhul Hadith issues the necessary Fatwa, do forward a copy to us.

4 Rabiuth Thaani 1435 (5 February 2014)
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W.Salam, Here is a link of the opinion of Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) which you posted www.themajlis.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=314:tariq-jameel&catid=34:majlis-articles&Itemid=27

Zakir wrote on 6 Jan 2017
Salaam, the booklet linked above is not available. It gives an error 404 Media/JAU/Chand_Ghalat_Taweelat_wa_Tajawazat_Aur_Unka_Ilmi_wa_Shari%27i_Mahasba.pdf Is there another coppy elsewhere?
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W-Salam, Link updated...Jzk
asif ali khan wrote on 29 Jan 2017
Mr Tariq Jameel Sahab is a very fine and an outstanding orator, possibly a good human being, say things with good intent, without a doubt. However, he should be a little careful because during his talks, he intermingles events, says something authentic and another out of context, over exaggerates reacts emotionally and ends up saying something which sometimes contradicts the laws of Allah. He describes things as if he witnessed himself, dramatised post life events. For e.g. ‘Jannat kee aurat murdo se baat kare to murda zinda ho jaate hain’, ‘jannat ki aurat agar apna dupatta lehraye to sare kaynat me khushu phel jaati hai’, ‘beti ki shadi karo to jannat wajib ho gayi’.
To me his knowledge is part and not comprehensive and he seems to be not having a clear understanding of laws of Allah have established in Quran. Such things may result due to the lack of knowledge, understanding and pondering over the verses of Quran. Perhaps he is so emotionally involve he blindly accepts all hadiths.
Blogger's Reply:
Who is "Mr" Tariq Jameel?I am sure that you have the wrong person here!
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