1460/2038: An interview with Shaykh Abdullah Khan (RA)

30th November 2012
Today we present an interview to our readers with Shaykh Abdullah Khan (RA) who passed away two weeks ago about 10 days after this interview was conducted and may Allah (SWT) forgive his sins and grant him Jannatul-Firdaus (Ameen).

Shaykh Abdullah Khan (RA) rose through the ranks of the Ummah to become Qadihul-Qudha (Chief Justice) after the restoration of Khilafah and held the post for 5 years until ill health prevented him from discharging his duties. He (RA) is credited with re-establishing Islamic justice and education system and dismantling the institutions of Kuf’r. Shaykh (RA) has another term of this which you will come to know during the course of the Interview : - )

Reporter: Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): Wa-Alaikumus Salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Reporter: We (Sunnah Gazette) are Thankful for you taking the time to speak to us and here is our recording Engineer Usman.

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): My son, I am at your Service as you are the future of this Ummah...An old man like me simply sits around all day in this hospital so if I can somehow serve the Deen from this bed I am ready and willing and since our beloved Khalifah Muhammad (HA) has requested me I cannot refuse our Amirul-Mumineen and know that I can still muster some strength to respond to the Call of Khalifah Muhammad (HA), there were times when we rode together in battle and the precious dust of the path of Allah (SWT) covered our bodies and may all the comfort of this world be sacrificed for the dust from the path of Allah (SWT) but now I am an old man in this bed and may Allah (SWT) forgive my shortcomings. The only regret I have is not spending enough of my time, health and wealth in the path of Allah (SWT) and most of my colleagues have surpassed me and I am left behind for my sins (Sobbing)...

Reporter: Qadhi Abdullah Khan (HA), please tell us about your earlier life?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA):
It would have been better for the nobles from the Ummah to be interviewed but in compliance with the order of Amirul-Mumineen, I say. I was born in 1972 in a small city in what was then called Pakistan. My father and mother were affected by the colonial days of British Raj and outwardly practised some rituals of Islam and added many innovations to it (like Qur’aan Khawani, Meelad etc) and my bringing up was no different to many of those era. We watched what was then called Television and movies and played musical instruments and may Allah (SWT) forgive us for our sins! Where is your family from? I hear a little bit of accent in your Arabic?

Reporter: My father was born in the Northern part of “Al-Zulfiqar”?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA):
“Al-Zulfiqar”? O yes in the pre-Khilafah days it was called London and if my memory is right North side was called Hackney? And what about you Usman?

Reporter: (Smiles) Masha’Allah you have great memory I have read in history at School that it was called Hackney.

Usman: My forefathers come from “Al-Kabeeriyah”?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): “Al-Kabeeriyah” ! what they used to call Cape Town in the old country called South Africa. You have to forgive me my sons, as I still remember the old name.

(Smiles) For us these names “London”, “Hackney”, “Cape town” are strange since we only have read about them in our history books.

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): All Praise be to Allah (SWT)! As I got older and started what we used to call universities (your Senior Darul-ulooms) I became friends with a Khurasani and through him I became interested in Islam. There were many movements of Islamic revival in the university and many sincere brothers but somehow Allah (SWT) had chosen me to become part of the movement for the restoration of Sunnah (Al-Khilaafah) and I was never distracted although I saw many more capable then me become confused and spending their time in other efforts and no doubt they will be rewarded. There was a famous movement in my time, Ah...memory what was it called?

O yes! Hizbut-Tahrir they paid some lip service to the restoration of Sunnah (Al-Khilaafah) and had conventions, speeches and demonstrations but Allah (SWT) saved me from them! I always had the habit of conversing and discussing with Ulamah-e-Kiraam and seeking their advice and I think after the Mercy of Allah (SWT) the single biggest factor with me was the kindness showed to me by many noble and beloved Ulamah-e-Kiraam and may Allah (SWT) reward them abundantly for being punishment with this worthless one!

Reporter: Shaykh, we have grown up with Khilafah but in your days what made you so sure that it will be restored? Was it a hope?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): Absolutely no, I was 100% sure! Because the Ulama-e-Kiraam had told me two things. Firstly, the coming supremacy of Islam was clearly stated in the Qur’aan in multiple places:

[9:33] He is the One who has sent down His Messenger with guidance and the Faith of Truth, so that He makes it prevail over every faith, no matter how the Mushriks may hate it.

Secondly, we were promised that a person from the Ummah will restore Deen every 100 years so since Ottomon Empire was destroyed in 1924 I knew that the restoration of Sunnah (Al-Khilaafah) which is one of Islam's foremost components will be restored before 2024 (and it happened), I am of course referring to the following Hadeeth:

"Surely, Allah will send for this Ummah at the advent of every one hundred years a person (or persons) who will renovate its religion for it." [Sunan Abu Dawood]

Reporter: Shaykh, when did you become convinced that time has come near?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): Around 2010! Because the world economic system was virtually bankrupt. Non-Muslims simply couldn’t carry out their atrocities against Islam & Muslims because they were running out of money. The Western military machine simply couldn’t be financed, the latest weapons started turning up at the Black Market and prices nosedived and we knew that the end of Non-Muslim rule in Africa & Afghanistan was nigh.

Reporter: Shaykh, Where did you study your Islam?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): I never went to Darul-ulooms, rather during my days of striving in the Path of Allah (SWT) I studied under Ulamah and specialised and wrote several booklets on Islamic justice system which must have caught the eyes of someone, although they were pretty childish endeavours, if you ask me...

Reporter: Shaykh, You were instrumental in dismantling the Kuf’r educational and justice institutes...?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): You mean taking out the trash? Yes I was blessed to have made small efforts in cleaning the world. I grew up in that trash and its stench was ever present so I was inherently aware of it.

Reporter: (Smiles) Shaykh, How did you take out the trash? What were your priorities?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): My first priority was the education system, in the old days there was no distinction between Islamic & worldly education but the establishment of Darul-ulooms became necessary (due to colonial rule) so I worked towards incorporating the entire curriculum of Darul-ulooms into normal education and all boys and girls (as you now know) are now required to memorise portions of the Qur’aan, have sufficient knowledge of Arabic and study basic to intermediate classical Islamic text. A student can then specialise and become a Mufti or choose to become a physician or Engineer etc.
Same for daughters of this Ummah.

Reporter: Shaykh! Is it true that women used to work alongside men before Khilafah in the so called “Islamic states?”

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): It was far worse son, they studies with men and worked with them and by Allah (SWT) their Haya (modesty) was destroyed by the educational system and that’s why I call it trash! We are now Alhumdolilah fully segregated and daughters can now become Muftees, Doctors, Engineers or whatever they like taught by other daughters (of ours). You should have witnessed the Fitnah against us before Khilaafah, we were called oppressors of women rights , barbarians when all we wanted is to protect the Haya (modesty) of our sons and daughters and to only interact in ways which are made permissible by Allah (SWT).

Reporter: Really! Muslim women studied with men? I mean how could they? That’s Haram? That’s disgusting! And they worked with them? Why???

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): (Just smiles)

Reporter: And how did you reform the judicial system?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): I didn’t reform anything, I just took out the trash and implemented the Judicial system of Islam. Quick courts were setup and people could walk up, file complaints and matters were decided quickly, cheaply and effectively. It all started with us apprehending and punishing the “figure heads” of previous Islamic states...Our brothers hunted them down and they were publicly tried, stripped of their powers and accordingly punished. People were afraid of them and once they saw these ex-powerful people could be punished and quickly there was no stopping of the Shariah of Allah (SWT).

News quickly spread far and wide and poor countries from Africa and South America approached our courts and wanted “Islamic Justice” to be passed on their leaders, although they were not Muslims but they wanted Shariah because they were oppressed and their wealth was usurped.

We had Non-Muslims lining up to pay Jizyah, we couldn’t train Baytul-Maal officers fast enough and that’s when I setup the Academy to train Bureaucrats who would serve the Ummah.

Usman: My uncle remembers you Shaykh, you were visiting the Academy and you caught him doing Wudhu without Miswaak and made him do loads of pushups!

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): (Smiles) These officers serve the Ummah and are at the forefront of providing Service to laymen so mistakes like skipping Miswaak during Wudhu couldn’t be tolerated from these students. But please ask forgiveness from your uncle as this old man has committed many mistakes and been harsh to those who were students in the path of Allah (SWT). However, I would NOT tolerate any lowering of standards during training of these officers, they MUST be made to realise, love and cherish each and every Sunnah from the depths of their heart, they are our ambassadors and most of the times Non-Muslims come into contact with them (first) before they know about the rest of Sunnah (Al-Khilaafah)

Usman: Seek forgives! Shaykh (HA), he loves you to death and if he knew I was coming here he would travel from the other side of the world to be with you...He is still a bit scared of you though!

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): (Smiles) All praise be to Allah (SWT) who gave them a chance to serve His Deen! I am nothing but worthless.
Reporter: I don’t understand something, how come you didn’t take financial compensation form countries like Great Britain and United States of America for their looting and pillaging of the Islamic world?

Shaykh Abdullah (RA): Financial Compensation? Son, they were bankrupt and their citizens were queuing up at our borders for bread! What compensation could poor destitute people pay? A Government official was telling me that people of Great Britain and United States of America are having trouble paying Jizyah even now, how do you think we could have asked them for compensation? In fact Europeans are still the largest recipients of our charity and most of their basic needs like food and accommodation are still being met from our Baytul-Maal.

Foolish people, I really don’t know what they did with all that money. Many of them (European Non-Muslims) come to our lands for work and study and it’s hard to imagine that their forefathers once controlled the world and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it either.

Many of them are guided and become Muslims and they are our brothers in Islam and better then us for they have been guided to the light of Islam!

[3:26] Say: .O Allah, O Lord of the Kingdom, You give kingdom to whom You will, and take kingdom away from whom You will; and You bestow honor on whom You will, and bring disgrace to whom You will. In your hand lies the betterment (of everyone). You are surely powerful over everything.

My sons, I am afraid I am now tired and ask for your forgiveness for taking so much of your time.

Reporter & Usman: Jazakullah Khairun Qadhi Abdullah Khan!

Sunnah Gazette never got a chance to complete the Interview and pose the rest of the questions as Shaykh (RA) passed away shortly afterwards...

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abu mohammed wrote on 11 Dec 2012
MashaAllah, this stuff is great..

I was confused at first, but as I got into to it, it got clearer and clearer. Alhumdulillah.

How about that, I'm from Zulfiqar, Alhumdulillah.

Can't wait to see these days. and by the looks of the interview, its only around the corner, inshaAllah
Blogger's Reply:

According to explicit text from Qur'aan & Sunnah, it is Insha'Allah around the corner.

Jazakullah Khairun
Takbeer wrote on 12 Dec 2012
Allahu Akbar
bint e aisha wrote on 6 Jan 2019
MashaAllah every sentence brought smile on my face. Thanks for giving us hope. May Allah make it happen soon.
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