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Are you stagnating???

21st September 2010
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

It's been an absolute age I know. I was just waiting to feel inspirational! And today I do, and alhamdulillah I also have the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with you.

So have you ever felt that you just don't know where you're heading and you feel like you've been stuck in one place for a bit too long? Or are you just content being who or how you are, not bothered to progress in any way?

I am reminded of a poem by Imam Shafi'ee (rahimahumullah) in which he states that one should always work towards progressing in terms of spirituality as well as knowledge and experience. He quotes an example of water...

If water is stagnant it becomes mucky and accumulates filth. Moreover it no longer remains pure. Whereas flowing water always remains clean and pure and it is of great benefit to all living things.

Its so easy to become used to the routine way of life....same thing different day. You are just where you were a year ago in terms of everything. Especially nowadays when years seem to fly by faster than airplanes. And eventually life will come to an end and all we will be able to do is lament over lost opportunities and wasted time.

Evaluate yourself on a daily basis. If not, then weekly or even monthly in order to avoid such a time from coming, or at least try to minimize the regret. Ask yourself questions similar to these:

* How much closer to Allah have I become?
* Do i practice on the Sunnah more?
* How much more thankful am I to Allah for all He has blessed me with?
* Do I complain about the difficulties I face, or do I accept them to be part of Allah's plan for me?
* Am I increasing my thikr and tilaawat of the Qur'aan or at least more punctual with it?
* Do I have more knowledge than I had? (even if its just one hadeeth more)
* Do I practice on more of my knowledge than I was?
* Am I a better person?
* Have I become more compassionate to those near me?
* Have I tried to understand other more?
* Have I humbled myself more and refrained from regarding others as insignificant?
* Does my heart feel the pain of my troubled muslim bothers and sisters more than before?
* Am I more helpful to fellow people?
* Do I give a good impression of Islam wherever I go?
* Do I make an effort to share the knowledge I have?
* Do I talk of Allah wherever I go?
* Am I closer to my destination...Jannah?
* Am I farther away from Allah's wrath, and closer to His pleasure?

There are loads more questions we can ask ourselves to evaluate our spiritual progress. Do not become content with what you are, for you will become like the stagnant filthy water that gives nothing but an unbearable stench. A believer is not one who is ever content with himself.

Remember, if you are at a stand-still, then it is very likely that you'll be run down even if you're on the right track.

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