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The two homes of a woman...

6th October 2008

Every woman takes great pride in decorating and taking care of her home in this world; and rightly so. However it is worth considering that when we spend so much time and take great care in beautifying a home that is our abode for an average of 60 to 70 years, how much more time should we then spend in building and decorating the home of the hereafter, which will be our abode for eternity.

Consider the following:

*The home of the world is temporary, whereas the abode of the Hereafter is eternal.

*A woman has to carry out the household chores in the world by herself, where as she will be tended to and all her work will be done for her in the Hereafter.

*In the world, a woman has to often worry about sticking to her budget, and therefore cannot always buy the best of items, whereas in the Aakhirah there will be nothing besides the best.

*In this world a woman is not guaranteed the company of her husband and children for her whole life (they are subject to answering the cal of death at any given moment), whereas in the hereafter there will be no fear of losing either.

*A woman in this world ages, and with age her beauty diminishes, whereas in the hereafter a woman will always be 18 years of age, and with time her beauty will only increase.

*A woman's wardrobe in this world is limited, whereas in the hereafter she will never have to repeat and outfit.

*In the world a woman has to often be wary of not doing anything that might displease her husband, whereas in the hereafter she will be handed the glad-tidings of Allah's eternal pleasure.

*The house of the world is built with bricks and cement, whereas the palaces of Akhirah are built with bricks of gold and silver, and cement of musk.

*In this world most people design their homes once and for all, whereas in the Hereafter the design of the home can be changed daily to suit your wishes.

The Hadeeth states that when a man engages in the remembrance of Allah, or occupies himself with righteous deeds, the angels in Jannah occupy themselves in building a home for him. When the man stops the good deed, the angels stop building. The other angels inquire why they stopped building, to which they reply, "the bricks and the cement has finished."

(edited from a talk given by Shaykh Zulfiqar Naqshbandi Saahib - db)

posted by Mahd-ul-Huda on 6th October 2008 - 3 comments


mehboob wrote on 27 Nov 2008
mashalah a very nice and really enticing article
may THE ALMIGHTY embed the reality in our hearts
uk wrote on 28 Nov 2008
MashAllah... May Allah S.W.T. grand us towfiq
muslimah101 wrote on 7 Jan 2011
Mashallah this is beautiful article.
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