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Help Me, Allah!

3rd February 2010
The hate that I feel in my heart is real,
But these are feelings that I don't want to feel.
Please Allah help me to be strong,
As I know feeling like this is wrong.
You know the pain and anger that I feel in my heart,
Please take it away, make it depart.
I'm so tired and weary Dear Lord,
These feelings I cannot afford.
I want to feel alive, I want to feel free,
I want to be the best Muslim that I can be.
Please take this pain, throw it away,
I need to prostrate to You and pray.
Please Allah forgive my anger,
These feelings are from Shaytaan- I'm in danger!
Please calm my heart, calm my mind,
Let me feel the peace that I yearn to find.
Thank You Allah for hearing me out,
Thank You Allah for allowing me to take the right route.

Allah, when I am confused, please guide me.
Allah, please help and show me the best way to find my own path in life. Ameen, Ya Rabb!

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posted by Mahd-ul-Huda on 3rd February 2010 - 1 comment


ummi taalib wrote on 4 Feb 2010
Jazakallah for posting this beautiful poem. May Allah in His infinite mercy purify our hearts and make us one ummah again. May Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala fill our hearts with sincere love & concern for each other, aameen.
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