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The greatest illusion of dress...

24th September 2011
The greatest illusion of dress,
Deception at its very best,
Clothing so tight its completely revealing,
Defeating the purpose of concealing.

The man seems to be proud,
Standing next to the woman, so bold and loud.
Her body is there for everyone to see,
Yet covered up she believes herself to be.

Every shape is visible to all,
The exact body type, large or small.
Each curve displayed without a care,
Open, vivid, beauty for everyone to share.

The clothing seems to serve little purpose,
So tight that there’s not even a space,
And so it is the uncovering of the sacred,
Even though it’s believed that they are not naked.

The prophecy uttered by the Beloved Prophet (PBUH) ages ago,
Has now become so true,
Just look around and you’ll be witness to this show,
It should be so clear to me and you.

I wish you could see the truth my sister,
That you don't need to appeal to any mister,
Your body should be kept protected,
It's a treasure that should always be respected.

The cover is not at all meant to harm,
There’s very good reason to conceal your natural charm,
Your beauty is something special,
And modest dressing is the best to instill.

I wish that you could see the truth,
And then you will understand your full worth.

posted by Mahd-ul-Huda on 24th September 2011 - 0 comments


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