Evil Eye just Hit Me! And What I Learned

12th April 2014
Just very recently I feel like I gotta dragging myself the whole 2 weeks. I feel exhausted all the time, sleepy, tired, lazy, and brain fog. It’s as if a dark cloud and rain is constantly hanging above my head, like annoying halo. And that is terrible! I started to ask why it could happen :

Diet? No way! I’ve been on a consistent lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for around 8 months. I consume black seeds and honey daily, and I always get sufficient calories. Turning into vegetarian gave me an energy like never before, though I still consume milk and eggs in regular basis. So it couldn’t be from diet problem.

Sleeping? Okay, I slept at 1 or 2 AM, wake up for Fajr, then sleep and wake up at 8 AM. Sometimes I sleep 4 hours but feels enough. But I never suffer from insomnia. So again, sleeping is not the root of problem here.

On and on, reading some pages about Ruqya on Muftisays forum, an ah-ha moment came in. “Could it be evil eye?”. Immediately I did a muscle test, asked my subconscious mind who are the persons who might have given me a piercing hatred look in the past 2 weeks. I got clues that it’s from some classmates, then random strangers.

I sat on my bed (no wudoo, though), quickly recited Al Fatihah, An Naas, Al Falaq, and Aayah Kursiy 3 times each. Within just less than 5 minutes it’s gone! POOF! Like blowing a candle! POOF! My mind’s clarity returned, no more unexplainable exhaustion, no more brain fog, no more sleepiness in the next days. Yaaaaayyy!!! I was amazed, Masha Allah! Even the refreshing effect from that quickie Ruqya is still felt until today.

It seems like history is repeated itself. When I was engaged, my envious (Christian) cousin gave me this scary hatred look on me from head to toe. I understood she had her own personal reason, though. After the ceremony’s over, I got this “feeling like dragging myself all the time” symptoms for 2 months. Honestly I was once ultra-skeptical to the thing called “evil eye” more because of some people hyping it and blaming it (and black magic) for all their own problem instead of taking responsibility. And I don't wanna be paranoid either. I never realized it’s “evil eye” until I found some ruqya website explaining evil eye symptoms and I was like “OMG that’s me!”.

Then after a DIY ruqya that’s just less than 10 minutes, all the "dark clouds" symptoms are gone – just like that!

It reminds me why in our tradition on brides and grooms are that they are being bathed in “holy water” for some “purification”, i.e. a huge vessel-filled water that’s been recited the whole Qur’an on. Then some of these Qur’anic water is stored for healing purpose. Somehow our ancestors are wise enough to know this!

I once read Emotion Code book by Dr. B.Nelson explaining an interesting experiment in his seminar. He pointed a volunteer to stand up and his back facing audiences. Unseen to this volunteer, the doc gave a silent thumb signal to audiences. Thump up means “send him loving thoughts” (i.e. “I love you, God bless you, etc) and thumb down “send him some bad thoughts” (i.e. “I hate you”, “go to hell”, etc). The volunteer’s response toward the “sending thoughts” is measured with muscle test.

Everytime the audiences send the “loving thoughts” (following the thumb up signal), the volunteer’s muscle test response is always strong. And everytime the “hatred thoughts” are sent, the volunteer’s muscle test response is always weak.

“Evil eye is real, and if there is one that could preceed destiny, that must be evil eye” (Hadeeth)

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