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Evil Eye just Hit Me! And What I Learned

posted by Coloratura on 12th April 2014 - 0 comments
Just very recently I feel like I gotta dragging myself the whole 2 weeks. I feel exhausted all the time, sleepy, tired, lazy, and brain fog. It’s as if a dark cloud and rain is constantly hanging above my head, like annoying halo. And that is terrible! I started to ask why it could happen : Diet? No way! I’ve been on a consistent lacto-ovo vegetarian diet for around 8 months. I consume black seeds and honey daily, and I always get sufficient calories. Turning into vegetarian gave me an energy like never before, though I still consume milk and eggs in regular basis. So it couldn’t be from diet problem. Sleeping? Okay, I slept at 1 or 2 AM, wake up for Fajr, then sleep and wake up at 8 AM. Sometimes I sleep 4 hours but feels enough. But I never suffer from insomnia. So again, sleeping is not the root of problem here. On and on, reading some pages about Ruqya on Muftisays forum, an ah-ha moment came in. “Could it be evil eye?”. Immediately I did a muscle test, asked my subconscious mind who are the persons who might have given me a piercing hatred look in the past 2 weeks. I got clues that it’s from some classmates, then random strangers. I sat on my bed (no wudoo, though), quickly recited Al Fatihah, An Naas, Al Falaq, and Aayah Kursiy 3 times each. Within just less than 5 minutes it’s gone! POOF! Like blowing a candle! POOF! My mind’s clarity returned, no more unexplainable exhaustion, no more brain fog, no more sleepiness in the next days. Yaaaaayyy!!! I was amazed, Masha Allah! Even the refreshing effect from that quickie Ruqya is still felt until today.

Some Inspiring Rare Hadiths!

posted by Coloratura on 22nd March 2014 - 0 comments
I don't hear these hadiths pretty common. But they are very inspiring. Enjoy! 1) “Whosoever would be delighted to be delivered from the Hellfire and entered into Paradise, then let him die while he witnesses that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and His messenger; and he treats people the way he loves to be treated.” [Hadith At-Tabarani, Al-Ma’jam Al-Awsat, Number 4881, hasan] 2) “The believer should be friendly and loveable and there is no good in the one who is not friendly nor loveable, and the best of them are the one who is most beneficial to other people.” (Sahih al-Jami)

Maulana Rumi, Myth, and Al Walaa wal Baraa

posted by Coloratura on 22nd February 2014 - 2 comments
I’m personally very grateful that the Western have dug and translated Rumi’s works and extract the wisdom of this waliullah. So much that in 2007, UNESCO established it as “International Rumi year”. UNESCO honored him as “one of the great humanists, philosophers and poets who belong to humanity in its entirety”. Rumi’s works are known to have inspired Dante (he is inspired by Ibn 'Arabi as well), Chaucer and many others, including Mozart. But at the same time, Rumi’s image is distorted severely into a lovey-dovey universalist mystic who drunk in passion, let go of his Islamic background, who loves everyone, never hate anyone, and never judge. I even have personally come across some non-muslims who wrote to the effect “Rumi should never be a muslim” or “it’s unfortunate that Rumi is a muslim”. I forgot which scholar commented in this expression : “they have done a seemingly impossible task by turning this Hanafi mufti into a Hippie mystic”. The more I dig into Rumi’s writings, the more I realized that Rumi is not a man without al walaa wal baraa (love something for the sake of Allah and hate something only for the sake of Allah). Besides that his works are replete with Qur’an verses and Hadiths. He seems to be Maturidi in aqeedah, and often expressed in his writings how Allah exists in the Placeless, how Allah is Exalted beyond letters, vowels, and sounds, how Allah is free from direction like above and below, free from being confined in time, free from any resemblance, etc. First of all, these lines are often mistaken as Rumi’s : “I am neither Christian, nor Jew, nor Gabr, nor Moslem.
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