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3rd February 2013
18 Precious advices from Ameer'ul Mui'mineen Umar ibn Al Khattab RA

Hadhrat Saeed bin Musayyib RA reports that there were 18 guidelines that Hadhrat Umar RA formulated for the people, every one of which is filled with wisdom. He said,

(1) When someone disobeys Allaah in matter that impacts on you, you can give him no punishment worse than obeying Allaah in matters that impact on him.
(2) Always assume the best about your brother unless you learn something about him that you absolutely cannot reconcile.
(3) Never assume the worst about any statement that a Muslim makes as long as you are able to make a favourable interpretation.
(4) The person who exposes himself to slander must never rebuke anyone who holds a bad opinion of him.
(5) Whoever guards his secrets will retain the choice in his hands.
(6) Ensure that you keep true friends to stay under their wings because they are a source of beauty during times of prosperity and a means of protection during times of hardship.
(7) Always speak the truth even though it leads to your death.
(8) Never delve into matters that do not concern you.
(9) Do not ask about matters that have not occurred because that which has already taken place is enough to preoccupy you from that which has not.
(10) Never seek your needs from one who does not want to see your success.
(11) Never treat false oaths lightly because Allaah will then destroy you.
(12) Never keep the company of the sinners to learn from their sinful ways.
(13) Keep away from your enemy.
(14) Beware even of your friends, except for the trustworthy one and none can be trustworthy unless he fears Allaah.
(15) Be humble when in the graveyard,
(16) submit to Allaah's obedience and
(17) seek Allaah's protection at the time of disobeying His commands.
(18) Consult with those who fear Allaah.

Hayatus Sahabah p508
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sehrii246muslimah wrote on 3 Feb 2013
Very useful jazakullah
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Wa iyyakum
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