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Urdu Naat

    Abhi Jibreel Kabay Kai Mimbar Sai Naat 2
    Ahle Taqwa ki soorat bana lijiye - Urdu
    ᴴᴰ Fikr-e-Ummah Fikr-e-Rasool Fik
    Hamd Baari Taala By Molana Ali Tayyab
    Are You Looking For Peace And Success? |
    Shan-E-Quran By Maulana Ali Tayyab Hong
    Allah Allah - Ye Kalam e Khuda - Molana
    Meray Har Gham Ko Sehti Hai Meri Maa Bea
    NEW | Beautiful Inspiring Nazam / Naat |
    NEW | Beautiful Heart Touching Naat -
    Lazzat e Zikr e Naam e Khuda hai Chaman
    NEW | Beautiful heart touching Urdu Naat
    Naat e Sarkaar Ki Parta Hoon Main By Ham
    Tera Kya Banega Bande ~Hafiz Ghulam Must
    Yeh Makkah Ki Fiza(Urdu&Pashto) By Junai
    Durood O Salaam Aap Par By Fahad Shah 20
    {NEW} Yateem Ki Eid By Hafiz Fahad Shah
    {NEW} ALLAH Dekh Raha Hain By Hafiz Faha

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