Zakaah and Sadaqah

Zakaah and Sadaqah
5th November 2022



I have serval sources of income and wanted to get information on how to calculate and pay Zakat on them.


How do I calculate Zakat on my salary?


I own stock/crypto; how do I pay Zakat on those?


I own a restaurant with partners: How do I pay Zakat from my business?

Software company:

I own a software company with a Christian partner 50/50. We raised money for the company.

The raised money is in our treasury that we pay expenses from because our revenue does not cover expenses. How would I pay Zakat in this situation?


I own farmland and get income from there. How would I calculate Zakat?
Zakaah and Sadaqah
15th May 2022

Zakaat on land given to me as a gift

I have been gifted a land by my father in law. What is the ruling of zakaat on this piece of land for me .Jazak Allah
Zakaah and Sadaqah
11th March 2022

Can sadqah be given after magrib? I heard it's not permissible

Can sadqah be given after magrib? I heard it's not permissible and haram
Zakaah and Sadaqah
30th December 2021

Last year i paid zakat on the amount of Rs 1 lac and now current year ,i have to pay zakat also on l

last year i paid zakat on the amount of Rs 1 lac and now current year ,i have to pay zakat also on last years saving ,or not?
Zakaah and Sadaqah
18th August 2021

Salaam alaikum. I have paid zakaah on my assests in a previous year. Now one more year has passed ov

Salaam alaikum. I have paid zakaah on my assests in a previous year. Now one more year has passed over the same assests. Do I have to pay zakaah on them again? JazaakAllaho khairan
Zakaah and Sadaqah
8th August 2021


If i forgive debt of my brother of 5000/- will my zakat get paid of 5000/- ?

Zakaah and Sadaqah
19th May 2021

I have two residential plots: 1. one purchased with the intention of constructing

Assalam o Alikum

I have two residential plots:
1. one purchased with the intention of constructing house on that
2. other purchased with intention to save money for now, and sell plot to make house on the other in future.

What are rulings of zakat for the 2nd plot?
Zakaah and Sadaqah
26th March 2021

Zakaat niyat to gave someone but want to give my brother now.

Last Ramadan after calculating my zakaat I kept it with me due to pandemic situation which I did niyat to gave one of my poor relative, now my brother is in a situation that he is not having his home to reside... can I give this zakaat to my brother to help him to buy the land.
Zakaah and Sadaqah
3rd January 2021

How to divide wealth between husband and wife for the purpose of zakat calculation?

Asslam o Alaikum, I and my wife both have been working for last 10 years. and we both jointly have some wealth. which is well above nisab mashallah. we have disagreement on where to pay our zakat. so we want to pay separately. on what basis we calculate wealth share between us for the purpose of zakat calculation. JazakAllah
Zakaah and Sadaqah
1st May 2020

Can a fidya money be swapped as zakat


My query is; I calculated fidya money for my grandad since he was unable to pray salaah but whilst he is alive. Then I came to know from a reliable scholar that this is not valid as the person is alive and could pray his qaza at a later stage. Now since the fidya money was given just few days before Ramadan could I possibly make zakat intention and the money given be counted towards my grandad's zakah. it is lot money for a pensioner. Your guidance is appreciated.
JazakaAllah Khair

Zakaah and Sadaqah
29th April 2020

Zakat on saved money for home

i need guidance regarding zakat payment on saved money for home construction. i am construction my home since last 6 months. it will be completed in next 4 month with saved money and my monthly income. should i pay zakat on saved money or not? please help me.

Zakaah and Sadaqah
30th March 2020

Financial support scheme and Zakah

As-Salāmu ʿalaykum wa-Raḥmatu -llāhi wa-barakātuh. We are a joint family comprising of 2 unmarried sisters and me. One of my sisters, due to health reasons is not working and is provided Zakat by us to support her needs. She is approaching her fifties but is unable to understand and manage her financial matters on her own. We don’t have any other relatives who are or would be willing to support her financially. There are no state financial support benefits she is eligible for either. I want to set up a sort of investment scheme which generates regular income for her in future to try to cover her expenses. Can I allocate a significant portion of my Zakat on a yearly basis to fund such a scheme? If yes, how would the matter of Zakat payable on such scheme be addressed? If the scheme is in her name, the assets would exceed the Nisab value and I assume she would not be eligible for Zakat then. If I maintain the scheme in my name, after the first year and then annually, I assume I would be required to pay Zakat on the accumulated Zakat payments (assets of the scheme) of prior year(s)? I would appreciate your guidance regarding both the matter related to financial support and Zakat computation based on our specific situation. Jazak Allahu Khayran.
Zakaah and Sadaqah
30th March 2020

Zakat in Family Fund

Assalam u Alekum Shaik.
Alhamdulliah we have a large family of over 500 members & We have a family fund where most of the members contribute some amount monthly. The intention of the fund is to be used for Medical Emergencies in family if some one needs it.

Elders are suggesting that we should also include other needs like Marriages, Clearing Debts, Fees & Business lone to needy members.

Question is - Can we give/ take Zakat in such a fund.
Zakaah and Sadaqah
26th December 2019

If I am saving money for sole purpose to buy home in order avoid interest loan, do I have to pay zak

I live USA. It is impossible to buy house here with all cash unless I save money for long time which could take 5-10 years. I sincerely want to avoid taking interest paying loan to purchase house. But if I save money and pay zakat 2.5% every year, after 10 years I would loose significant portion of that money.
In this circumstance, if I am saving money for sole purpose (let's say keep money designated ONLY for the purpose of buying house) to buy home in order avoid interest loan, do I have to pay zakat on that saving money that are designated to buy house and not for any other purpose?

Zakaah and Sadaqah
14th July 2013

Selling Price or Buying Price

When calculating Zakaah do i calculate using the selling price or buying price?
Zakaah and Sadaqah
1st November 2012


Recently, I have bought a house present valued $250,000 from Islamic bank in Australia. I have to pay say $1500/month for 30years. I have some cash in bank say $40,000 in abroad. We have some gold as well. The total value in bank and gold is less then 250,000(house value) need to pay. Should I have to pay jakah? if yes on which amount?
Zakaah and Sadaqah
15th May 2012

Minimum criteria of paying Zakah

Assalam Alaikum,

Please explain the minimum values of property, gold, silver for paying the zakah i.e. meaning of sahib - e - nisab.
Zakaah and Sadaqah
15th May 2012

Maintenance of disabled brother-in -law

My wife and I live with our children in Australia. My wife's family live in South Africa. My 45 y.o. brother-in-law is severely disabled with cerebral palsy needing high level nursing care since birth. He is at the level of a 10 month old child, he is blind, cannot talk and is completely bedridden, his limbs are contracted into fixed positions , he has severe scoliosus(curvature of the spine) and needs high level 24 hr care which was provided by my mother in law almost exclusively. She suddenly passed away 2 months ago. They had been living with my other brother in law who had been maintaining them . My father in law lives a couple of hundred km's away and is elderly, not well off and has poor health. His capability and temperament restricts his ability to contribute. I have undertaken to provide financially for my brother in law . This is for health costs, the provision of a full time live in carer, and the building of a self contained unit for that person. With good care he is expected to have a normal life expectancy (another 30 years) inshallah.
I was wondering if it is possible to pay for these expenses with my zakaah money?
Jazakallah Khair
Ashraf Ebrahim
Zakaah and Sadaqah
15th May 2012

Defence Services Officers Provident Fund

Assalamualaikum. Defence Services Officers Provident Fund is a fund where an officer has to deposit some amount of money from his salary every month. Its compulsory. The money remains with the government and government gives a good percentage of interest on the deposit. Though money remains for the officer, but it never comes to his hand until the end of his service. In between, if some one wants to draw some amount of money, he has to give back the same with even a higher percentage of interest. now, my question is, the interest that the government is giving, is it hallal or haram? The second question is, is the deposit of money subjected to zakaah?
Zakaah and Sadaqah
15th May 2012

Zakaat and borrowing


Please can you clarify below..

1. I pay into a company pension scheme where my deductions are compulsory, i have to pay into it monthly and my employer makes a contribution monthly too. Do i need to pay Zakaat on this?

2. Do i need to pay zakaat on money i have lent to someone? or does the person who has borrowed the money from me have to pay zakat for it. e.g i have lent a family member 10000 pounds to help him in his business, i dont need this money so dont ask for it however he has had the money for maybe 2 years or so, and he will pay me once he gets comfortable in his business or if i need it in an emergency?