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What type of needs can a women go out for?

Last updated: 25th April 2023
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Assalamualaykum. In one of your answers to my previous questions you said that there was consensus amongst sahaba and tabieen that women can go out for religious needs and to visit parents. I wanted to ask that were some sahaba and tabieen of the opinion that women can go out to meet their siblings and other relatives such as aunts and uncles, just for fun? Or were they of the opinion that there needs to be a desparate need for them to go out to visit these relatives? Also if a woman goes out frequently to visit her siblings and aunts for fun, with the permission of her husband, will that be allowed according to the opinion of the sahaba and tabieen?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

It is not known specifically whether the Sahaba and Tabieen allowed the women to visit any other family members besides their own parents.

According to Shariah, it is allowed for women to visit her family members but wearing Hijab and covering themselves and accompanying a Mahram for 48 miles or more.

And Allah knows best

21 Shawwal 1444/ 12 May 2023

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13th May 2023
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