30th April 2024

Masturbating in ramadan

Assalamualikum. I am a female and gave into temptation and masturbated for seconds maybe a minute not sure but not very long. Astaghfiruallah. I cant tell if I ejaculated. I stopped as I felt myself reaching orgasm so I wouldnt ejaculated. But unsure if I ejaculated anyways. Cant tell the difference between normal vagina secretion vs ejaculation? Is my fast invalidated? Do I have to make it up? Is ghusl required? Do I have to pay penalty of feeding 60 people or fasting for 60 days consecutively? Does it count as feeding 60 people if I just pay to charity online? Please make dua for me to give up this disgusting habit.
12th October 2023

Is it allowed to remove your niqab for a job?

I always wanted to be a stay at home mum and raise my kids. I had three children over seven years and they all passed away soon after birth. Since we're not planning to have more children at the moment and we live alone in a western country I was thinking about having a career to be more productive and to distract myself and keep myself busy. We are not in any financial difficulty and my husband earns enough for the both of us. I cover my face (niqab) but would have to remove it for job purposes. Would this be permissible?
12th September 2023

Is it permissible for women to dye their eyebrows dark brown?

Salaam Sheikh,

I have a quick question is it permissible for women to dye their eyebrows dark brown?

19th May 2023

Is it permissible to listen to an audio of a women reciting Quran, if listening without desire

Is it permissible to occasionally listen to an audio of a woman reciting Quran? If the listening is done without obvious feelings of desire, in the Hanafi madhab.
13th May 2023

What type of needs can a women go out for?

In one of your answers to my previous questions you said that there was consensus amongst sahaba and tabieen that women can go out for religious needs and to visit parents. I wanted to ask that were some sahaba and tabieen of the opinion that women can go out to meet their siblings and other relatives such as aunts and uncles, just for fun? Or were they of the opinion that there needs to be a desparate need for them to go out to visit these relatives? Also if a woman goes out frequently to visit her siblings and aunts for fun, with the permission of her husband, will that be allowed according to the opinion of the sahaba and tabieen?
6th May 2023

Uncovering before mahrams

I read and also heard a scholar say that a woman cannot uncover her hair and other permissible body parts in front of mahrams or other women that are fasiq, immoral, there is fear of temptation and there is fear that they will describe you to someone else? Is this true and if so, how sure do we need to be that a mahram or woman won’t describe us to others before uncovering before them. Also by fasiq it means someone who openly does major sins but where is the Islamic evidence that woman cannot uncover before such mahrams and women. Furthermore, please tell how a woman can make sure a mahram won’t be tempted or is it enough to assume they won’t be tempted unless proven otherwise.
2nd May 2023

Tight clothes at home

Assalamu Alaykum.
(Hanafi Fiqh)
I have a few questions about the awrah of a women. At home, if a woman covers her awrah infront of her mahrams yet the clothes aren’t loose and show shape, would that be a sin? I have heard it may be Makruh. Also, is seeing between the navel and knees of another women (clothed yet tight) a sin?
Jazakallah may Allah bless you.
8th April 2023

Going on holiday

I wanted to ask if it is permissible for a woman to go on holiday with her family and mahrams or will this be considered unnecessarily going out?
29th March 2023

Exfoliating the skin

I read and saw videos of scholars saying the exfoliation is haram so I stopped doing it. However, this has caused small spots and blemishes to appear on my skin. Would it be permissible to exfoliate to maintain flawless skin?
16th March 2023

Explanation of consensus

I recently asked a question but needed more depth into the tafsir. I was told by a scholar that some sahaba, such as ibn Abbas at, and tabieen were of the opinion that the verse ‘and stay in your houses’ only applies to the wives of the Prophet SAW. I wanted to ask if it’s true that some sahaba or tabieen had this opinion because I have heard there isn’t a consensus in this opinion.
24th May 2022

Nose piercing

are women allowed nose piercings? i wear a hijab so my nose piercing will not be covered, is this still permissible?
12th January 2022


I want to ask about gusul after haiz ...is it necessary to recite dua while taking gusul
27th December 2021

2 rakats after ghusl

Basically, is there any 2 rakats prayer after doing ghusl , because since ive had my periods I’ve read 2 rakats after ghusl because my mom told me , today i forgot to do my 2 rakats for ghusl and I searched on google about what happens if you leave your 2 rakats for ghusl but I haven’t found anything. And im scared if my ghusl will be incomplete without it.
17th October 2021

Learning driving for women

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh. I want to know that is there any wrong with women learning how to drive a car and this act is performed in front of mahram men only. And she is learning it so she can use it for emergency purpose.
26th June 2021


Can i become heena artist for brides (even for non Muslims)?
18th July 2021

Cutting nails and shaving

Assalamualaikum.w.w. A lady took part for qurbani, as we know shaving and cutting nails are Makrooh. But she needs to take Ghusl, so what does she do.
23rd June 2021


Salaam I wanted to know as I am.married I really like piercings I have nose and ear piercings is it permissable for belly butto peircings too only for my husband to see jazakallah
18th May 2021

Yellow discharge

I have been experiencing yellow discharge before and after menses. If I make ghusl is it permissible for me to pray my other prayers with the same wudu until I see yellow discharge, or will I have to make wudu for each prayer. For example if I make wudu for zuhr salah and and I do not see yellow discharge then I’d prayer normal, but if I see yellow discharge at asr time then do I have to make seperate wudu for maghrib and isha Salaat? Sometimes we have functions to attend and it is difficult to find wudu facility and make wudu for each salaah, please help me out I have been struggling with this for quite sometime and I need urgent clarification. Jazakallah Khloe
16th May 2021

Doubts and waswassas

Assalam o alaikum. I m a 19 year old girl. I m continously having a doubt about paki/napaki. Even after doing ghusl i always have a thoughts like i m not pak and continous discharge make me think that it is not pure even without any sexual thoughts. Are those just doubts? So i take it as shaytani waswassas and continue on my prayer or i have to do ghusl again and again? I am also having doubts that Allah will not accept my prayers,fast etc and i'll considered as gunahgar because i m not pak . also tell me how to distinguish b/w the three discharges or do unmarried girls have them?
30th April 2021

Can a female continue fasting after seeing dirt discharge days after her menstration period ends

Can a female continue fasting after seeing dirt discharge days after her menstration period ends