16th March 2023

Explanation of consensus

I recently asked a question but needed more depth into the tafsir. I was told by a scholar that some sahaba, such as ibn Abbas at, and tabieen were of the opinion that the verse ‘and stay in your houses’ only applies to the wives of the Prophet SAW. I wanted to ask if it’s true that some sahaba or tabieen had this opinion because I have heard there isn’t a consensus in this opinion.
24th May 2022

Nose piercing

are women allowed nose piercings? i wear a hijab so my nose piercing will not be covered, is this still permissible?
12th January 2022


I want to ask about gusul after haiz ...is it necessary to recite dua while taking gusul
27th December 2021

2 rakats after ghusl

Basically, is there any 2 rakats prayer after doing ghusl , because since ive had my periods I’ve read 2 rakats after ghusl because my mom told me , today i forgot to do my 2 rakats for ghusl and I searched on google about what happens if you leave your 2 rakats for ghusl but I haven’t found anything. And im scared if my ghusl will be incomplete without it.
17th October 2021

Learning driving for women

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh. I want to know that is there any wrong with women learning how to drive a car and this act is performed in front of mahram men only. And she is learning it so she can use it for emergency purpose.
26th June 2021


Can i become heena artist for brides (even for non Muslims)?
18th July 2021

Cutting nails and shaving

Assalamualaikum.w.w. A lady took part for qurbani, as we know shaving and cutting nails are Makrooh. But she needs to take Ghusl, so what does she do.
23rd June 2021


Salaam I wanted to know as I am.married I really like piercings I have nose and ear piercings is it permissable for belly butto peircings too only for my husband to see jazakallah
18th May 2021

Yellow discharge

I have been experiencing yellow discharge before and after menses. If I make ghusl is it permissible for me to pray my other prayers with the same wudu until I see yellow discharge, or will I have to make wudu for each prayer. For example if I make wudu for zuhr salah and and I do not see yellow discharge then I’d prayer normal, but if I see yellow discharge at asr time then do I have to make seperate wudu for maghrib and isha Salaat? Sometimes we have functions to attend and it is difficult to find wudu facility and make wudu for each salaah, please help me out I have been struggling with this for quite sometime and I need urgent clarification. Jazakallah Khloe
16th May 2021

Doubts and waswassas

Assalam o alaikum. I m a 19 year old girl. I m continously having a doubt about paki/napaki. Even after doing ghusl i always have a thoughts like i m not pak and continous discharge make me think that it is not pure even without any sexual thoughts. Are those just doubts? So i take it as shaytani waswassas and continue on my prayer or i have to do ghusl again and again? I am also having doubts that Allah will not accept my prayers,fast etc and i'll considered as gunahgar because i m not pak . also tell me how to distinguish b/w the three discharges or do unmarried girls have them?
30th April 2021

Can a female continue fasting after seeing dirt discharge days after her menstration period ends

Can a female continue fasting after seeing dirt discharge days after her menstration period ends
4th February 2021

Not knowing the signs of puberty and not praying out of ignorance

Recently I found out that growing pubic hair is a sign of puberty. But before I didn't know that and only started praying 5 times a day once I got my period. Will the prayers I missed before be counted since I didn't know they were obligatory on me? And I don't know when I started growing hair. There was a time in march until May when I prayed but stopped cause it was so hard for me because no one in my family prays and they're not religious so I have to hide it. Do I have to make up the prayers that I missed? And am I sinning if I don't? Because I don't know how many prayers I have to make up. Maybe 2 years worth of prayers... maybe 1 year... maybe 6 months... I literally have no idea whatsoever so I'm waiting on my little sister to start growing hair down there so I can estimate how many prayers I have to make up. But I am more hairy than her so it may not be accurate
25th April 2021

Wadu broken due to vagina moisture

Sometimes I feel a slight wetness in my vagina and to check it I have to put my finger there ,
Sometimes there is a little white or transparent discharge. So is my wadhu broken?
And at other times when I put my finger to check it only FEELS wet but I can't feel it without putting the finger inside. Should I do this to check if my wadhu is broken or not? And is the wadhu actually broken now if it only feels wetness?
4th February 2021

This question is about ghusl

Should a women clean inside her vigina after sexual intercourse
31st December 2020

How to do ghusl-e-janabat 2-3 times daily

It has been 22 years of marriage and I need to have ghusl-e -janabat everyday for 2-3 times daily. Even I used to try to take bath but keeping my hair wet all day long is not possible at all. Sometimes I very enthusiastically used do it for 2-3 days but then I have severe migraine and thus stop. I am guilty of not saying my prayers regularly, which I used to before marriage. Having a relationship is the only thing which hinders me. Please tell me if there is any solution. I am helpless but hopeful as well that if my desire is to do sajda Allah will help me. I asked it from a couple of sources and they say that there is no way and I have to take whole ghusl whatever the case and our deen is not easy. I cant do it every day especially in winters.

3rd March 2020

Wearing kohl/henna/rings

(sorry question unavailable)
15th January 2020

Rules on using cream to relax or retorch a woman's hair especially one with hard hair

Using relaxer cream tof soften a woman's hard hair
8th January 2020

Uterus removed, how does she pray?

Assalamu alaykum, I ask for a sister. She had her uterus surgically removed because she had tumor. Due to this, she does not get her menstruation anymore. Should she pray without any 'menstrual pause' like normal men do now, or can she follow her previous menstruating cycle.

Jazak Allahu khayran
1st January 2020

Normal daily feminine discharge

Asalamualaykum. I would like to know why scholars say that normal daily vaginal discharge invalidates wudu for women. Is there anywhere in The Quran or a Hadith regarding this? I am not talking about istihadah (irregular non-menstrual bleeding). I am talking about the daily normal discharge that every woman gets. How can this invalidate wudu? It is like saliva, we all experience saliva on a daily basis and it does not invalidate fasting to swallow it, so how can normal daily discharge be a cause for invalidating wudu? It is a hardship for women to do wudu for every salah, especially when she is busy or away from her house. What about when she goes for Hajj or Umrah? It's even more difficult to renew wudu for every salah in those circumstances. I think male scholars don't fully understand this issue because they don't experience it themselves. It it just normal discharge that happens every day, so why does it invalidate wudu? I do not believe that Allah would put such a hardship on women. Please can you provide proof from The Quran or Hadith which clearly explains about a woman's normal daily discharge? Jazak Allah Khayr.
8th September 2019


assalamualaikum, i am enquiring about belly button piercing. As my friend has recently got it done and she wants me to aswell. I just want to know if its jaiz to get it done by a female instead of a male.