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dream interpretation

Last updated: 6th October 2019
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6th October 2019

Assalamu Aleykum, I want to have insight on a dream I had last night. I can't forget the dream and it's very clear in my mind until now. I even remember how the images i saw looked in detail. So in the dream, I looked up at the sky in amazement and they were beautiful blue skies with strong white clouds in the middle, I was pointing at them telling someone next to me to look at how beautiful they appeared. On these clouds there was written "Allahu Akbar, la illaaha illa Allah la ilaaha illa Allah? and there was also something I couldn't read very well and in the dream I struggled to read it and tried until the dream stopped and i woke up straight away. In a few minutes the Azaan for Fajr prayer went off. The sentence I couldn't read was along the lines of "Allah divides provision to people" that's what I understood from it. At 4 am I wrote it on my notes because of how strongly real the dream felt. Jazaakum Allah khair.

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Respected brother/sister

At Muftisays, we do not interpret dreams. Please consult a scholar who is qualified in this field.

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9th October 2019
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