Todays Issues

Todays Issues
9th June 2024

Knowing that someone is misguiding people from islam, yet not doing anything

Assalam o alaykum
I have a problem
A few years ago I had a fake instagram account where I used to chat with people etc. so there was this islamic post where I commented and in the comment section I communicated with an ex muslim guy (I know this was sinful as I am a female). I cant remember the matter we were discussing, but I remember we discussed something related to Islam. He said that he used to be a hafiz and that he teached in a mosque in his country. He sent me a video privately og him disrespecting Quran and other islamic books by trowing them on the floor. He also read from the Quran. He told me that his family gave him time to repend. But he said that he will never go back to Islam. He also said that he is working in a mosque and misguiding the children there to not belive in Islam. He also said he will marry a muslim woman and probably just fake being a muslim.
He told me his name (which I remember) and the mosques name (which i dont remember). Now I feel guilty that I did not do anything. i could have sent an email to the mosque pr something. I thought that several times but out of either laziness or fear i did not do anything. Am I sinful and responsible for the people he have misguided from Islam? Am I sinful for his marrige with a pious muslim woman? Am I out of the fold of Islam as there may be people misguided from the religion? Im am feeling that I am sinful for not doing anything while I knew about all this. Please help. What makes a person out of Islam? What should I do? Is my sin unforgiveable? What can I do to repent in this situation. This happened a few years ago and I have felt this guilt everytime I think of it. Also whebever I pray (i dont pray usually, but I am really wanting to be regular) I feel that my prayer will not be accepted because maybe because there may be people misguided from islam, by thag guy, Allah will bot accept my deeds. I know Allah is the most forgiving, but all these thought comes to my mind whenever i try to focus on religion. I feel that I am guilty because I knew all this and yet didnt do anything. Plz guide me.
Jazakumullah o khairan
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4th June 2024

Tasweer related to gaming

Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah

The 2 critical questions I have related to gaming are:

(1) Would gaming still fall under the category of lahw and laib if someone intends to play games for some fun and refreshment of mind?

(2) Since 95% of modern games have animated characters would this still fall under the category of tasweer since game developers have to design the characters and give them expressions and movements aswell which might be deemed even worse then standalone pictures because there is more aspects of imitation?

Also, I would like to add that many people who advocate gaming would say that animated characters in games are like videos where the picture is not still, permanent or tangible so it would not come under tasweer. I guess I would love to know what tasweer really is?

Last important thing to mention is that Sheikh Yasir Qadhi published a big talk online regarding tasweer and clearly distinguished between creating a picture to owning one as long as it is not venerated. According to him there were many narrations of great sahabas and tabioon that owned things that had animated pictures on them like cushions, curtains, rugs, animated ring stamps and coins. To solidify his stance he stated that the prophet (s.a.w) owned coins with images on them and also stated that Abdul Malik ibn Marwan minted the first caliph gold coin that had a picture of him with a staff. Apparently this coin was in circulation for a long time and was produced at a time when sahabas were still alive. Now if all of this is true then there would be no issue in owning video games with animated characters as long as there is no veneration? Please can you clarify all of this because I am extremely confused right now and really want an accurate answer.

Jazakallahu khairun
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11th July 2023

State schools


State schools are teaching our children to masterbate, to cross dress and that gender is fluid. See here:

Is it halal to send our children to such schools?
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10th May 2023

Absences rights and responsibilities toward students

I work as a teacher. I am employed by an Islamic school, with conditions and pay are set by the government.
We have a bank of vacation leave which accumulates every year but once we reach a certain maximum any leave not taken is loss. (as will be in my case if I don’t siphon off a few days every now and then by taking them). We need to take a minimum of 7 days up to 19 days if we wish to do so in the year. (weekend days are also counted in the leave period)
This year I wanted to take twelve days off for the last 5 days of Ramadan and the first 6 days of shawaal. I have made sure to cover sufficient amount of teaching of the syllabus to make up for the 2 weeks I would not be at school, meaning I am in advance of the workscheme and syllabus.
However, my school management met with me and requested that I take only the minimum seven days for the last 5 days of ramadaan. The reason advanced is that the syllabus is not the only right of the students. And in addition to ibadaah there are also Muamallaat to consider. And that the students would come ask me for their rights on the day of judgement. So I was told that while I wouldn’t be refused the leave if I insisted but to think about taking less.
In my case this means me losing on the amount of holidays I am entitled to and that can be accrued in my vacation bank however.
I didn’t have time to wait for a learned response, so I opted for the reduced number of days.
However, I would like your opinion on the matter. What should I have done? What is best when balancing Islamic and secular life etc.?
Also what are Muamallaat? And how are they linked in this particular case?
Is it true that might students will claim me for my absences or the day of Qayamat?
What should my stance be towards absences not just for this case of Ramadan/Shawaal or the 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah which I also like to take off, but in general for absences for any other reasons as well.?
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2nd May 2021

Working in bank backend office

Is it permissible to work in a bank back office?. My job profile is that I am handling customer escalation, complaint and queries.
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17th February 2021


A thing was lost from our home.A woman told my mom that she will go to a soothsayer to find out theif and she went there.My mom was convinved as she was ignorant that it was kufr.I told her to repent after knowing about the sin.She repented Alhamdulilah. Is it enough or did she have to inform the woman?Will Allah accept mom's repentance without informing that woman about the sin?It happened 4 years ago.I don’t wanna remind mom about this sin again as she already repented from it long time ago.
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17th February 2021

My skillset is finance and i work in banking. I want my income to be halal but I haven't been able t

My skillset is finance and i have spent many years in banking. I want my income to be halal. I have been unable to get a job in another sector. What do i do as i'm divorced and need to earn a living.
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2nd February 2021

Bank profit

Salam. My question is that if a widow opens an account in national savings bank and takes profit from behbood savings certificate. It is pure halal?
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21st January 2021


Assalamualaikum, I am speaking from Sutrapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. My question to you.
Plays. In the evening, fireworks explode and lanterns fly. I and many others dislike these. The imam of the mosque forbade these celebrations. In India, Nepal and Sindh in Pakistan this day is also celebrated as Makar Sankranti. What does Islam say about this ?? Is This Bidah??
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20th July 2020

Wet dreams

Assalamu Alaykum. I am a boy and sometimes when i wake up from sleep i notice wetness and i dont remember having a wet dream. Should i perform ghusl ? When is ghusl fardh ? And how do i know if its semen or not cause sometimes its just liquid. And if i dont need to bath what should i do ? May you please clarify.
Really important because sometimes i read my fajr because i didnt remember having any wet dream....Hope its accepted
JazakAllah khairan
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18th June 2020

Use of Rainbow in Masjid Banner

Assalamo Aleikum ww.
Respected Elders,
We are a Jameah Masjid in Manchester UK. We have recently ordered 2 banners to put outside our masjid to support our front line workers against Covid 19 with a Rainbow which is a theme worldwide and all the household in UK put in their front window. After receiving delivery of the banner one of our respected masjid ulema said we should put the banner because of the rainbow because LGBT also use a rainbow sign which hardly anyone knows. Everywhere in the media and the whole UK population are using rainbow to show support to our front line workers and justifying in the media rainbow as a sign to cheer people up etc.
If you allow me I can email you our banner and media articles regarding rainbow.
Our other ulemas are happy to use the banner. The mosque will have to bear a lost of approx. £200 +/-.
Please guide us to what to do in these difficult times.
Executive Team

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14th June 2020

I feel depressed because my I am young and my mother won't even discuss letting me marry

How do I overcome the feeling of depression when every time I bring up the topic of marriage, my mother wouldn't even discuss it with me and just says that she would let me marry only after I turn 30?

I am a young boy and I try to practice my religion. I wasn't practising at all before but by Allah's grace, I was guided and I try to follow my religion as much as I can and part of that is being dutiful to my parents. Yet, I am still so young and my mother wouldn't even begin speaking about marriage. She would just make her point clear every time I try to bring up topic of marriage (conversation doesn't even begin and it finishes) that it would only be after I turn 30 and it hurts me deeply. We don't live in a moral society and I feel depressed thinking of waiting so long. Thoughts begin to come up in my head that if I end up marrying after 30 and I still end up with a spouse who would be a trial rather than a blessing, it depresses me further even though Allah doesn't let the good done be lost like with how he gave mercy to the Prophets when they despaired and felt they had been denied; these thoughts continue to come in my mind. If my mother said that once I get a job or settle then it would be a little reasonable but after I turn 30 makes no sense and what infuriates me is she won't even discuss. I love my mother but when I think about it, I resent her so much that I want to say mean things to her and only for the duty Islam imposes upon us on our parents makes me just stay quiet and not say anything to her and I just leave the room every time without disrespecting her. Right now, the challenge isn't for me to wait until 30 years old, it's more of this depressed feeling I have that I cannot overcome. I feel desires are being evoked everywhere around the corner and I can't even console myself saying,"Just wait a little longer, your time will come."
Please guide me or quote me some wise advice from the Quran and Sunnah to put me at ease.
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1st May 2020

How to stop someone wazifa.

My wife is going wazifa for me I don't which one she is doing? Everytime she do that wazifa I get control on her hands plz anyone tell me how break wazifa spell I want break the spell plz tell anyone what should I do...
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25th April 2020

Treating Parents

Dear Mufti,

Assalamu alaikum

I have a query relating how to treat my father who is very partial with me.

I live in Abu Dhabi - UAE, My father, and stepmother stays in India, My father is very unfair and partial to me always, He never helps me in any way, though by Allah's grace I have placed him our own house, provided him (vehicle) an auto-rickshaw to earn for daily sustenance for himself. Now whenever I visit him, he doesn't give me preference, neither he cares me and my children's, he always loves my elder brother and his family, he always has problems with my wife do's and don'ts, When I help him financially, from that he helps my elder brother. Because of this behavior and attitude, there is lot of tensions and fight between me and my wife. Now I am not calling him much, I visit him hardly once a year and help him sometimes only.

What I am doing is it right? How do I balance my rights between my father and wife in this situation, please guide me

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3rd April 2020


Agar biwi ka shadi k baad kisi se talook ho or shohar ussey 1 talak de kya shohar ussey maaf kr k biwi se nikha kr sakta hai ?
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2nd April 2020

Is a global day of fasting and dua inititative permissible?

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi,

There is an initiative that is circulating on social media about a global day of fasting. It reads: Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Let us UNITE in supplication and ASK ALLAH (Most Merciful) to grant us a cure to save us from the Coronavirus. We invite you to join in Global Unity and have a Day of Fasting.



*i have typed this verbatim with capitalization and spelling as it appears on the image of a hijabi making dua.

Is this permissible? I have no idea who initiated this. Thank you for any guidance and daleel.

Jazhak Allahu Kahairan,
Atiya Atah
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1st April 2020

My mom posses credit cards? What to do?

my mom posses two credit cards both have debt of many thousands with interest, all the debt isn’t filled yet. although she was known that it’s haram but still... but she’s sorry from heart now. her this sin would be forgiven after she completes all her debts.
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23rd March 2020

What is permissible to do when free during office time

asalamoalaikum, i want to ask a very important question which most people don't know, if a person is working in office and has new job and no responsibility has been given to him yet only he is given some work sometimes and he does it perfectly. what can he do with most of spare time , if he stays in office 8 hours . can he read book or news when free and no work or responsibility is given to him , and what if he falls asleep during free time , will his income be halal.
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15th March 2020

Security, Armed Banditry, Kidnapping and Treaty

Assalamu Alaikum.
Many cities and towns and villages in Nigeria are being attacked by armed bandits day and night, travellers are being kidnapped for heavy ransom. People are being killed by the bandits everyday and their economy is being weakened as a result of banditry.
My questions are: In such a terrific situation, what can we do to ward off that evil from among us?
What is the punishment of kidnappers in Islam? What can someone who is kidnapped recite to regain freedom? What Du'a can we do to destroy the bandits?
Secondly, is it permissible to enter into a treaty with those bandits so that peace can reign? What does Islam say about entering into a treaty pack with bandits who have killed many people before?
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12th March 2020

Can I buy a house with leasing

Hi Mufti, is it OK to buy a house with leasing? (buying a house with help of the bank)